MSP MVP or Both

A Managed Services Program (MSP) and a Master Vendor Program (MVP) are contingent workforce management programs with different approaches and objectives. An MSP aims to optimize workforce management across multiple vendors, while an MVP focuses on consolidating your contingent workforce management through a single vendor. The choice between these programs depends on your company’s specific needs, preferences, and the complexity of your contingent workforce requirements. In this webinar, Acara Solutions and Broadleaf Results help you assess which option may be best for your organization.

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EOR benefits feature

What is EOR?
With employer of record services (also referred to as payrolling), Broadleaf acts as a contingent worker’s official employer while that worker performs services for you. As the employer of record for your contingent hires, we assume all employee classification responsibilities, absorb all relationship management and clerical duties, and protect you from sensitive co-employment risks.

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Tips for Hiring & Retaining College Graduates (1)

Broadleaf provides independent contractor qualification and management services to facilitate legal compliance, mitigate co-employment risk, and move projects to completion. Whether you’re engaging new independent contractors, or auditing your current workforce, we work with you to ensure your contingent workers are held to standards set by state and federal governments.

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broadleaf results contingent staffing

Learn how Broadleaf Results works with your business to help you manage contingent labor contracts, payments, and more! With decades of industry experience, Broadleaf will provide you with a customized staffing program that gives you access to qualified temporary talent and part-time workers.

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employer of record workflow

Learn how Broadleaf Results manages the onboarding process as your employer of record. Our complete suite of EOR services takes care of critical administrative work, manages payrolling, absorbs logistics management, and protects you from sensitive co-employment issues.

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