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FlexSOW - Statement of Work and Procurement Management

Seize strategic opportunities. Deliver savings and efficiency.

  • Stay competitive. Remain profitable.

    Are you laser-focused on reducing costs and improving process efficiencies? Like so many other procurement departments across the world, you might be spearheading these tasks with fewer resources and smaller budgets.

    Fortunately, Broadleaf has developed an SOW vendor management program that helps you manage spending, leverage your supply base, and present analytics—all from one convenient online location.

  • Hundreds of contracts. One trusted partner.

    Our SOW solutions revolve around a standard process for tracking and managing independent contractors and suppliers. With unlimited visibility of all contract developments in real time, a single system of record for all non-direct employees, and a standardized approval process, you can manage contracts easier than ever.

    And with the ability to track PO consumption, contractor tenure, on- and offboarding, and KPI reporting—you can navigate the entire subcontractor management life cycle with ease.

  • Business intelligence.

    Cover all aspects of the procurement life cycle and make better purchasing decisions with heightened visibility and better business controls.
  • Cost savings.

    Improve tail-end spend management with proven process controls that focus on high quality, low costs, and lightning-quick processing times.
  • Customer satisfaction.

    Work with Broadleaf representatives who are industry experts and well-versed in delivering solutions on a global scale.

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