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Broadleaf delivers total talent management services to a wide range of industries across the United States. Founded in 1965, we specialize in managed service programs (MSP), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), independent contractor compliance (ICC), statement of work (SOW) and procurement management, vendor management systems (VMS), and employer of record/payrolling (EOR).

Total Talent management

"A critical aspect of the program’s success is that it is a true partnership between the MSP providers, associate suppliers, our HR Department, division management, and the supply chain organization."
- Director of HR, Professional Services Industry

Managed Service Programs

We deliver customized MSPs that alleviate the burdens of workforce management. How do we do it? We work with fully vetted suppliers to source, screen, and onboard qualified candidates; take on billing duties; and ensure quality compliance so you can focus on other priorities. Our MSPs result in higher quality candidates and lower costs for you and your business.

"All interactions were courteous, cheerful, and professional; I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was impressed by the communication, knowledge, and follow-through."
- HR Manager, Healthcare Industry

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As an extension of your HR team, we design, build, and execute custom talent acquisition programs. We study market fluctuations and trends, integrate cutting-edge technologies, and use industry-leading processes to recruit top talent across North America. With proven adaptive sourcing models, we’ll manage all of or any portion of your internal recruitment functions—it’s your call. The result? Quicker hire cycles and lower overall costs.

"The team has been fantastic to work with. Very prompt to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and to educate."
- Hiring Manager, Aerospace & Defense Industry

Independent Contractor Compliance

As the gig economy gains momentum, more companies will need help managing their independent contractors and freelancers. Keeping up with ever-changing government regulations isn’t easy, so when your workforce classifications are audited, we’ll make sure you’re compliant across the board. Put simply, we’ll eliminate co-employment and misclassification issues that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"It makes such a huge difference having Broadleaf to handle the more complicated work. I’m always confident that if I have an issue or need something fixed, I can reach out and it will be handled."
- Director of Procurement, Manufacturing Industry

Statement of Work Management

Your procurement staff is responsible for securing the best, most cost-effective resources to carry out projects—but with our SOW services, you could accomplish even more. Our procurement solutions optimize the tracking and delivery of SOW-governed projects, eliminating the burden of tracking, monitoring, and paying suppliers so you can focus on other areas of need. As an added value service, we’ll even source your suppliers for you.

"They are always looking for ways to improve and expand business. They are sincere, honest, and look for ways to help us save money."
- Procurement Manager, Wholesale Distribution Industry

Vendor Management System

Our proprietary system, Work Nexus, is a comprehensive and adaptable VMS built on over 50 years of staffing industry experience. With an emphasis on the most consultative approach to choosing the right VMS, we leverage channel partnerships with other industry leaders to provide the perfect platform for your business.

"With Broadleaf at the helm, I knew all classifications and co-employment issues would be managed appropriately."
- SVP Global Talent, IT Industry

Employer of Record or Payrolling

Today’s gig economy revolves around an intricate network of contingent workers, and that means onboarding hundreds—or even thousands—of external employees at your business. As the employer of record for your contingent workforce, we’ll manage your onboarding tasks—from background checks to employment eligibility verifications—so you stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

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