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Acara Solutions

A better way
to manage your

Total talent management services.

  • FlexMSP –
    Managed Service Programs

    We work with fully vetted suppliers to source, screen, and onboard qualified candidates; take on billing duties; and ensure quality compliance.

    • Free Consultation
    • Optimized Partnerships
    • Tailored Solutions
    • Proven Results
  • FlexRPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    We consult with partners, study market fluctuations and trends, and use industry-leading processes and technology to recruit top talent around the world.

    • High-Quality Candidates
    • Tailored Solutions
    • Dedicated Recruitment Team
    • Proven Results
  • Independent Contractor Compliance

    Our professional screening services eliminate co-employment and misclassification issues, saving you up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • Classification Assistance
    • Project Management
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Peace of Mind
  • FlexSOW – Statement of Work Management

    Our procurement solutions optimize the tracking and delivery of SOW-governed projects, eliminating the burden of tracking, monitoring, and paying suppliers.

    • Cost Savings
    • Dedicated Customer Service
    • Proven Delivery Centers
    • Industry-Leading VMS
  • Vendor Management System

    Today, 72% of U.S. companies say they use an all-encompassing program to manage their vendors and labor. Our proprietary system, Work Nexus, has evolved as a preferred VMS for generations.

    • Smart Reporting
    • Far-Reaching Functionality
    • Consolidated Invoicing
    • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Employer of Record

    Unsure how to handle employee classifications and administrative work? We'll manage these risks on your behalf—and we'll do it all at a competitive rate, saving you valuable time and resources.

    • Relationship Management
    • Reduced Administrative Work
    • No Conversion Fees
    • Cost Savings

“We saw 17% in cost savings this year by right-sizing our supply base and the managers are consistently helpful in every case where I needed to arrange managed staffing support.”

– Head of Procurement Strategy, Retail & Consumer Industry

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