Direct Sourcing

Utilize technology to gain better access to talent.

As an alternative way to ensure greater success in direct and contingent labor talent curation and pipelining, Broadleaf offers direct sourcing solutions. Partnered with LiveHire’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform to automate the candidate sourcing and matching processes, Broadleaf attracts talent via client-branded talent clouds and provides talent-on-demand through unique pooling and engagement methodologies.

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    Accelerate the recruitment process.

    Direct sourcing reduces the time-consuming elements of the recruiting process—such as candidate sourcing and pre-matching—and provides vetted and active talent communities for specific locations, job functions, and/or job titles. Once pipelined, interested job seekers can be curated into specific talent communities based on their unique skill set, previous work experience, and long-term professional aspirations.

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    Improved slate of talent and an exceptional candidate experience.

    Not only will Broadleaf’s direct sourcing staffing service accelerate the recruitment process, but it will also improve the slate of candidates presented, and foster a more positive and consistent experience for the candidates. AI matching ensures that sourced candidates are qualified and able to engage in work assignments quickly. Two-way messaging provides timely communication to deliver a positive candidate experience at every step of the recruitment process—resulting in higher conversion rates.

  • Better access to talent.

    Reduce your submittal-to-fill ratios and ensure you have a continuous talent pool for key roles.
  • Streamlined process.

    Accelerate the end-to-end recruitment processes for greater efficiencies and shortened cycle times.
  • Cost savings.

    Curated talent communities for both direct and contingent labor positions offer savings opportunities vs traditional recruiting fees.
"I have only had positive experiences when working with Broadleaf. They have an understanding of the candidates I am looking for to support the needs of the business."
– Senior Accounting Process Lead

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