Our Values

  • We're all in.

    As an Aleron company, we believe a company culture that inspires success, celebrates accomplishments, and fosters creativity is essential to the health of our own organization and the many organizations we serve. At Broadleaf, we’re supportive. We’re principled. We’re engaged. We're accountable. We’re transparent. We’re all-in. By keeping these values at the heart of all that we do, we foster a culture that leads to better work and better outcomes—for our clients, for ourselves, and for one another.

  • We're supportive.

    Employees are valued and encouraged to grow and succeed. We provide timely, specific feedback that supports positive efforts and results. We celebrate achievements together. We strive to impact our team and those we serve—coworkers, suppliers, partners, and our communities. We help each other overcome challenges while keeping our customers’ best interests in mind. We listen to each other’s ideas and needs and remain agile in providing effective solutions.
  • We're principled.

    We demonstrate respect for key moral principles and ethics, such as honesty, integrity, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity, and individuality. We make all decisions in the best interest of the collective Aleron organization, and structure business relationships in a way that maximizes positive outcomes for all stakeholders and minimizes or eliminates conflicts of interest.
  • We're engaged.

    We are professionals who bring our best selves to work and encourage others to do the same. We aim to master our roles by learning from others, welcoming feedback, and applying a positive, forward-thinking approach to all that we do. We seek opportunities to elevate our professional development, while helping others on our team grow. We find purpose and gratification in our work.
  • We're accountable.

    We take ownership of our actions and our results. We hold each other accountable and follow through on commitments. We are receptive to constructive feedback. We take personal responsibility to ensure positive outcomes.
  • We're transparent.

    Clear, concise, and consistent communication within the Aleron team— which includes our employees, clients, suppliers, and partners—leads to mutual understanding and clarity of ideas. We manage expectations with stakeholders, and make decisions only after gathering and evaluating relevant information. We are inclusive and foster an environment where everyone has a voice.
  • We're all-in.

    We are totally committed to future growth and success. We are fully engaged and focused on collaboration, continuous improvement, innovation, and fostering a culture of learning. We are “all-in” to make ourselves—and, collectively, Aleron—the best we can be!
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