Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC)

Stay compliant with financial and co-employment regulations.

Broadleaf provides independent contractor qualification and management services to evaluate your workforce and identify contractors and freelancers. Each worker is analyzed per applicable standards. Broadleaf will then offer a recommendation on the risk that an individual will be misclassified if your organization engages with them as an independent contractor.

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    We are proactive, not reactive.

    When the IRS calls on you to confirm every type of employee in your workforce, you’ll want to be prepared—and that’s where we come in. We’re proactive in our independent contractor management services, helping to protect you from the risks associated with employing contract and freelance workers.

    With independent contractor compliance services from Broadleaf, you can eliminate the stress and time spent dealing with co-employment risks and focus on what matters most: doing business and satisfying customers.

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    Simple classifications. Peace of mind.

    Our project managers will work with you to evaluate your workforce, identify contractors and freelancers, and properly categorize them per IRS standards. From there, we’ll automate processes and streamline project deliverables, approvals, and payments.

    Our independent contractor compliance services assist with contingent worker legal compliance.

  • Classification assistance.

    Get the closest look at your independent contractors so you don’t miss key classifications that could cost you thousands.
  • Project management.

    Automate any process you want, from contingent labor to direct placement and IC management to vendor administration.
  • Peace of mind.

    Onboard your gig workers and let our tools automate processes, streamline deliverables, recommend approvals, and make payments.
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