Direct Sourcing

In Broadleaf's Direct Sourcing blog, we discuss the latest trends and news in direct sourcing recruitment, and share direct sourcing solutions and strategies to improve the candidate experience in your organization.

What Is Direct Sourcing   Main Feature

Direct sourcing, an emerging trend in the talent and workforce solutions industry, has become increasingly prevalent in a wide variety of managed service programs (MSPs). But what exactly is direct sourcing—and how can it help organizations to optimize their contingent labor?  Here are some key things to know about this up-and-coming approach to talent acquisition. …

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the Future of MSP Direct Sourcing

Broadleaf’s Executive Vice President, Jason Krumweide, participated in a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) leadership forum where he discussed direct sourcing. As an RPOA board member with 20+ years of recruiting, management consulting, and outsourcing industry expertise, Jason is optimistic about the future of direct sourcing and the success it could bring to the talent…

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Regular post DSourcing

It’s predicted that in 2023, worker demand will continue to outpace supply and companies will struggle to find talent. Posting positions on job boards and social media can be time-consuming and less than ideal when a position needs to be filled immediately. To win out over their competitors, more companies are looking to direct sourcing…

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Regular post DSFail

Broadleaf Solution Designer, Kelly Reed, recently attended a webinar hosted by LiveHire and QuantumWork Advisory. The panelists discussed the most common reasons direct sourcing programs fail. In this blog, Kelly shares her key takeaways from the webinar. What is direct sourcing? In many sectors, like the tech industry, contingent workers now make up 40 to…

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Regular post TTM

Broadleaf’s Executive Vice President Jason Krumwiede was recently featured as one of three panelists in a webinar hosted by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA). The discussion centered around the current state of total talent acquisition/management. What is total talent acquisition/management? Total talent management (TTM) integrates direct hire employee (RPO) and contingent/temporary worker (MSP) talent…

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Navagating RPO V1

The massive disruption and crippling change in the labor market are creating widespread workforce instability across all industries. Organizations are contending with The Great Resignation and a severe talent shortage. How can recruiting teams best move forward in this difficult candidate-driven labor market? For many, the answer is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and our latest…

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