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Webinar: Enabling Total Talent Acquisition with Direct Sourcing – 5/24

The massive disruption in today’s labor market is making it difficult for organizations to find the talent they need to execute their growth strategies. Business leaders are expecting HR and procurement teams to collaborate and deliver high-quality talent and recruiting teams are under intense pressure to deliver. Direct Sourcing bridges the gap to increase the quality and speed of job placements.

Join our Direct Sourcing webinar to learn how it’s helping companies face the current labor market head-on.


We will cover:

  1. What is Direct Sourcing?
  2. Benefits of Direct Sourcing
  3. How Direct Sourcing fits into MSPs and RPOs
  4. Implementing a Direct Sourcing solution
  5. Enabling total talent acquisition



Karen Gonzalez, Executive Vice President, North America, LiveHire

Kelly Reed, Business Solution Designer, Broadleaf

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For more information, read our blog, What Is Direct Sourcing?

About LiveHire

LiveHire is a globally-leading recruitment and contingent direct sourcing platform – enabling clients to attract and engage both permanent employees and contingent workers to deliver Total Talent and Direct Sourcing solutions. LiveHire offers an award-winning candidate experience and provides talent-on-demand through its unique talent pooling and 2-way text messaging functionality, having successfully enabled end-to-end recruitment from sourcing through to hire of diverse workforces for over 150 clients across 20 verticals globally. For more information, visit