Employer of Record/Payrolling

Learn what Employer of Record services are, the benefits they provide, and how to get the most out of an EOR partnership from the industry experts at Broadleaf Results.

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When it comes to managing your workforce, the day-to-day tasks can add up quickly. This is especially true for companies that utilize contingent workers, who operate under an entirely separate set of rules and regulations than permanent employees. As a result, many businesses choose to partner with an “employer of record,” otherwise known as payrolling…

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Partnering with an employer of record (EOR) helps take the burden out of hiring a contingent workforce. There are many reasons companies use this strategy for hiring and managing their indirect hires, including saving valuable resources, reducing hiring risk, and getting the help you need quickly and efficiently. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean an EOR…

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In the workforce solutions space, services like employer of record and payrolling are frequently mentioned but often misunderstood. Many HR and procurement stakeholders are unfamiliar with these services or how they can bring value to their organization, as they are commonly mistaken for payroll processing services provided by companies like Paychex and ADP. I’m here…

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