How Employer of Record Can Help Your Business Save Money

Payrolling Success Stories: How Employer of Record Can Help Your Business Save Money

Payrolling services, also known as employer of record, can be a good option for businesses that rely heavily on contingent workers. Many organizations utilize an employer of record as part of a larger workforce solution, like a managed service program (MSP) or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program.  

In this blog, we’re sharing a few real-life success stories that highlight how payrolling/employer of record services can alleviate administrative burdens for your direct employees and protect your company’s bottom line. 

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Success Story #1: Utilizing an EOR within an MSP 

As part of our partnership with an MSP client, Broadleaf took on payrolling responsibilities from an incumbent employer of record that was taking up to 15 days to payroll candidates. Our team was able to reduce this timeframe and have candidates payrolled within five to six days, saving the client valuable time and resources and allowing their new hires to begin working more quickly. 

Success Story #2: Large-Scale, Quick Transition 

A national HR and financial services organization needed to transition a portion of its headcount—over 200 workers—to Broadleaf’s payroll. This urgent project had a two-week deadline over the holidays. We worked diligently to meet the timeline and ensure a seamless transition, allowing the client to kick off a new year with fewer administrative burdens and liabilities. 

Success Story #3: Payrolling + RPO 

Payrolling services can also bring value to businesses utilizing recruitment process outsourcing. A rapidly expanding hospitality brand partnered with Broadleaf on an RPO program to fill various finance, professional, and customer-facing roles. When the client required additional onboarding support, our EOR team jumped in to process paperwork, facilitate drug screenings, and conduct background checks for almost 50 contractors—all within a three-day window. In total, our average time to onboard each individual was less than 2.5 hours. 

Should I Partner with an Employer of Record? 

Now that you’ve seen the success stories, you might be wondering—are employer of record services right for my business? There are several scenarios when partnering with an EOR makes sense: 

  • You need to hire and onboard contingent workers quickly. 
  • You need to grow your workforce but are facing budgetary constraints. 
  • You have a small HR team whose bandwidth is already stretched thin. 
  • You want the option to convert your temporary workers to direct hires in the future. 
  • You are hiring outside of your local area. 

In each of these cases, the additional resources and legal protections that an employer of record provides can greatly benefit the organization.  

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