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  • Want to improve your workforce and process efficiencies? Our team of experts is ready for you.

FlexMSP – Managed Service Programs

Where flexibility and reliability come together.

  • The talent landscape is evolving.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 company or a growing leader in the industry—if your business depends on a large contingent workforce, you can benefit from an MSP.

    As more freelancers, independent contractors, and temporary employees are populating the workplace, savvy business leaders are relying on MSPs to keep their workforces engaged and effective. Stay ahead of the game with Broadleaf Results.

  • Make a difference with MSPs.

    As the contingent workforce continues to grow substantially, are you finding it more difficult to manage your staff? Our MSPs are specially designed to help you source candidates, consolidate invoicing, manage contracts, and more.

    If you want to reap the benefits of reduced costs, streamlined workflows, and increased productivity—choosing Broadleaf is the easiest and best decision to make.

  • Optimized partnerships.

    Work with industry leaders who can help you bridge the gap between vendors and contract resources.
  • Tailored solutions.

    Combine our proven processes with your own custom-built modifications to satisfy your needs and achieve your goals.
  • Proven results.

    Access data, trends, and analytics, and drive better business decisions that streamline proven, sustainable results.

"Broadleaf is always willing to work with and help us utilize the MSP to its fullest capabilities. Whether on the phone or in meetings, they are friendly and communicative partners."

– Director of Talent Acquisition, Professional Services Industry

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