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What is RPO? Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Explained

By Jason Krumwiede, Senior Vice President of Client Delivery

Let’s be honest – far too many of us in the world of talent acquisition throw acronyms around like confetti. From ATS, TA, and LI to MSP, VMS, PEO, and the rest of the alphabet soup, the names of these service offerings tend to baffle most business leaders. This laundry list of initialisms can even confuse seasoned experts within the workforce management industry.

The same can be said about Broadleaf’s FlexRPO solution. In what has become one of our company’s most prominent and effective recruitment service offerings, I’m here to help simplify the meaning of RPO and educate our potential customers on the value that it can add to their business.

What is RPO?

The term “RPO” stands for recruitment process outsourcing. RPO is known as a talent acquisition solution that allows employers to transfer recruitment responsibilities to an outside service provider. In many organizations, HR leaders don’t have the time, resources, or financial means necessary to efficiently discover talent. Instead, these companies call upon RPO providers to help meet their hiring demands and handle the recruitment process for them.

Who uses RPO?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can utilize RPO services to their advantage. Thanks to the scalability options that come with this service offering, organizations can outsource some or all of their recruiting tasks depending on their needs and budget. Unlike traditional recruiting models, RPO providers perform all job marketing as an extension of their client’s brand.

At Broadleaf, we offer five different options through our FlexRPO to provide your organization with a custom-fit solution that aligns with its specific hiring objectives. As its name implies, FlexRPO is designed to be completely scalable and flexible to the benefit of our customers.

Do you have an example of a successfully implemented RPO?

Operating as an extension of the Talent Acquisition team for our global retail banking client, Broadleaf was engaged to hire over 200 Banking Specialist positions over a 10-week period due to an unexpected hiring spike. Quickly building a continuous stream of quality candidates, our team’s on-demand RPO services included project management, real-time dashboard on activity, sourcing, screening, scheduling, and candidate management. Through constant collaboration with HR, TA, and Operations teams, our flexibility and responsiveness met all timeline and hiring goals while helping our banking client to enhance its employment brand. At the conclusion of the project, Broadleaf’s FlexRPO team generated over 5,200 prospects, phone screened more than 1,400 candidates, and conducted over 400 interviews in a 10-week span.

How can RPO providers connect my organization with more candidates?

Today, top players in the talent acquisition world have designed technology-driven platforms called applicant tracking systems (ATS) that allow companies to discover candidates faster than ever before. To maximize recruitment productivity, organizations should look to partnering up with an expert RPO provider and reap the benefits of an ATS.

Broadleaf’s applicant tracking system, SmartSearch, has access to a candidate pool of over five million job-seekers. SmartSearch allows our recruiters to expedite the recruiting process in matching qualified candidates with open position requirements. In addition, Broadleaf’s off-shore sourcing team can parse through potential applicants with ease in search of a perfect match for your company. Through the utilization of an RPO, there’s never been a better way to connect with candidates.

Why is RPO right for my company?

The recruiting process can be a financial and administrative burden for your organization. Supporting an internal recruitment team with fluctuating hiring needs can weigh down a company’s budget. Sourcing platforms and recruiting tools require annual licenses that can prove to be too costly and ineffective. Understanding market trends, forecasting future needs, and elevating your employment brand may not be within your business’ wheelhouse. Herein lies the beauty of RPO providers. With a team of specialized, tech-savvy recruiters, cost-effective pricing models, and industry expertise, RPO service offerings can help your organization to find the right talent at the right time. By posting your hiring needs to a number of professional job boards, RPO suppliers can also increase your company’s reach and appeal to a greater number of candidates with the expertise and scale to filter through and identify the very best talent.

Still curious about RPO? Watch the video to learn more.


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