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3 Hot Topics in Total Talent Management

For those of you who missed it, Broadleaf’s President & CEO Lynne Marie Finn hosted a panel of industry professionals at the CWS Summit North America in San Diego, California.

What did we learn? What are HR and procurement pros talking about? Well, we already know that total talent management (TTM) solutions are dominating the conversation as a holistic workforce solution—but when it comes to specific services that teams are looking for, here are three that people are talking about.


1. Direct Sourcing
Take a bite out of traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and you get direct sourcing services: a third-party solution with an in-house feel. Direct sourcing is when the client, or the MSP, uses its ATS and various talent pools to find temporary labor.  That labor is then routed to a payroll provider, which acts as the employer of record. To paraphrase a perspective from our CWS panel: “We have no internal recruiting organization. That’s why we needed RPO and admin capabilities.”

With Broadleaf, we customize RPO according to your needs—we work alongside your team to customize talent solutions that help you recruit the people you need, when you need them. With proven adaptive sourcing models, we’ll manage all of, half of, or just some of your internal sourcing functions. It’s your call.


2. Payrolling
A good number of exhibitors at the conference were dishing out payrolling services as a standalone service to HR and procurement teams. While this is a reasonable strategy, it fails to acknowledge the cohesion needed between both departments. As we heard from our panel, “We had a highly decentralized organization, but MSPs allowed us to develop a relationship between Procurement and HR.”

Broadleaf’s MSPs (managed service programs) are specially designed to help you source candidates, consolidate invoicing, manage contracts, and more—all as a single service. With all your HR and procurement needs in the same place, you can reach peak efficiencies.


3. IC Compliance
IC compliance was another hot topic among vendors wheeling and dealing at the CWS Summit, and for good reason. Keeping tabs on your independent contractors can save you thousands of dollars come tax time—but sometimes a more flexible statement of work (SOW) and procurement management solution is the better option.

Why? How? With SOW services, you get a standard process for tracking and managing independent contractors and suppliers. That means unlimited visibility of all your contract developments in real time, a single system of record for all non-direct employees, and a standardized approval process at your disposal. Paired with a vendor management system (VMS), SOW is more than just IC compliance—it’s a symbiotic, streamlined solution.

One of our panelists said it best: “Moving ICC to SOW model has allowed us to reduce the number of invoices—our PO process is more streamlined. Down 60% in volume of POs.”


Sure, these three services can be effective on their own. But when you put them under the same umbrella, or TTM strategy, they are even more effective. Why take one or two management services from this company or that? Instead, get your hands on a complete suite of total talent management solutions from Broadleaf Results.


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