Vendor Management System (VMS)

All vendor management systems (VMS) are not created equally. While our programs employ a variety of VMS tools, Work Nexus® is our proprietary, completely customizable system that can be tailored to meet your needs.

As your business changes, Work Nexus has the capability to change too. Developed and deployed in 1998, our proprietary VMS was created long before the cloud became part of daily operations. Today, 72% of U.S. companies say they use an all-encompassing program to manage their vendors and labor, according to research conducted by Aberdeen, a market research company.

Work Nexus offers a customizable system that is amended over time free of charge. The following Work Nexus features are available and can be optimized to work for you:

  • Requisitioning
  • Administration
  • Supplier management
  • Quality compliance
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Reporting

Why Work Nexus?

Work Nexus has been a VMS of choice for 20 years. Benefits our customers enjoy include:

  • Far-reaching functionality. Automate as many facets of your business as you like, from contingent labor to direct placement, and from IC management to SOW vendor administration.
  • Tailored solutions. Our VMS is fully customizable. We make modifications to fit our customers’ needs constantly, both during implementation, steady state, and beyond, as we always continue to innovate on behalf of our customers.
  • Simplified vendor management. With all your vendors in one place, you’ll be impressed with the efficiency and business intelligence.
  • Consolidated invoicing. Why do something twice when you can do it once?
  • Reduced cycle times. Because all actions within Work Nexus occur in real time, many process bottlenecks are mitigated or entirely removed.
  • Smart reporting.  Customers gain access to feature- and data-rich reporting that supports purposeful—and successful—decision-making.

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