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3 Ways to Improve Procurement

Your purchasing department is responsible for securing the best, most cost-effective resources to carry out projects—but there are only so many hours in the day. To maximize your resources and extend your reach, check out these three ways to improve your procurement processes.

1. Solidify communications with HR.
We understand how complicated it can be to handle procurement responsibilities while managing a contingent workforce at the same time. When the landscape becomes too tough to navigate, or there just aren’t enough hours in the day, talk to your HR Department about a better way to get the job done. Our suggestion? Let us work alongside your teams to identify needs and deliver solutions that make a difference.

2. Get your Statements of Work (SOW) done right.
If you’re responsible for securing the best, most cost-effective solutions to carry out projects for thousands of suppliers every year, you’re probably working with limited time and resources. Want to simplify your tasks? Find a partner that will alleviate administrative duties, enforce business controls, and manage suppliers every step of the way.

3. Use a Vendor Management System (VMS).
A VMS is the technology that powers your procurement solutions. What’s more, these solutions are in high demand. Seventy-two percent of U.S. companies say they use an all-encompassing program to manage their vendors and labor. And, as the contingent workforce becomes more complicated in the coming years, that number could rise. Employing a VMS—or partnering with a company that has its own—will help you keep up as your procurement and workforce needs evolve.

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National Harbor, MD | May 6 – 8
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San Diego, CA | September 9 – 12
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