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10 Facts About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The Benefits of RPO Programs

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become one of the fastest-growing recruiting solutions over the past several years—and its prevalence has only increased when used to fill positions as our nation continues to navigate the “Great Resignation.” In fact, new research from Broadleaf shows the number one challenge organizations are facing is the quality of the talent pool with an overwhelming 54 percent of respondents agreeing.

But what are the advantages of deploying an RPO program for your organization—and how can RPO bring you a more qualified slate of candidates? Here are 10 facts about recruitment process outsourcing and why your organization should embrace the utilization of an RPO program.

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Fact #1

Recruitment process outsourcing is fully scalable. Whether you are looking to outsource initial candidate sourcing efforts or hand over your entire recruiting process to an outside partner, RPO enables you to maintain as much control as you see fit.

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Fact #2

RPO providers serve as an extension of your in-house recruiting team. RPO recruiters are commonly provided with an email address associated with your organization so that candidates have confidence that they’re communicating with a member of your talent acquisition (TA) team. And by providing an exceptional experience to candidates, RPO recruiters will improve your reputation.

Fact #3

Recruitment process outsourcing partners often have access to sophisticated sourcing software and innovative recruiting tools, enabling you to reach and connect with a more expansive candidate audience. This, in turn, will enhance the quality of your candidates without having to pay a premium for these platforms.

Fact #4

RPO partners can support your fluctuations in labor demand. If you are faced with a sudden uptick in workers, your RPO recruiters can help to fill those roles. But if there are seasons or certain times of the year when your talent needs are low, you can pare down your RPO support as needed.

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Fact #5

RPO providers can help enhance your employer brand. With extensive recruiting experience, RPO recruiters understand the types of opportunities in the job market that appeal to candidates. They can help you revise your job postings, improve the overall candidate experience, and maximize your recruitment results.

Fact #6

Recruitment process outsourcing can be deployed in a variety of different pricing models to fit your needs. Whether you’re seeking a model based on an open and close requisition fulfillment fee or one based on time and materials, your RPO provider can uniquely tailor a solution to fit within your budget.

Fact #7

RPO partners can improve candidate selection efforts by conducting behavioral assessments or skill-based exams. Data generated from these tests will enable your team to make more informed—and ultimately, more productive—hiring decisions.

Fact #8

RPO recruiters familiarize themselves with local geographies and talent markets that your organization is trying to recruit from. A well-designed RPO program will feature recruiters that immerse themselves in both active and passive candidate pools to discover the labor that your organization needs. By accessing an organization’s own candidate pool—former workers, retirees, and silver medalist applicants from its applicant tracking software (ATS)—direct sourcing can be leveraged to place direct hire employees within a company.

Fact #9

Recruitment process outsourcing has proven to be an effective solution when supporting increasing talent acquisition needs while reducing overhead costs. It should come as no surprise that RPO has witnessed incredible growth in recent years. By 2028, studies estimate that the global RPO market will reach $25.4 billion in revenue—a game-changer in the recruitment industry.

Fact #10

RPO programs can reduce cost-per-hire by more than 20% while cutting time-to-hire by up to 55%. If your organization is looking for an efficient and cost-effective recruitment solution, look no further than recruitment process outsourcing.


As stated in the 10 facts listed above, there are significant benefits to working with a proven recruitment process outsourcing provider and deploying your own RPO program. Not only can the right RPO solution optimize your recruiting process, but it can help to reduce costs and enhance your overall business strategy. Outsourcing your talent needs to a proven RPO partner can assist you in focusing on what you do best—building your business.

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