BLR Challenges 2021

Anticipated Talent Challenges in 2021

As the new year is officially upon us, many workforce pundits are eager to see what 2021 will bring to the labor market and world of talent acquisition. Over the past several months, our expert team at Broadleaf has been gathering information about the latest trends in workforce management and total talent solutions based on their observations during the pandemic.

To preview the talent challenges that lie ahead, we posed the following question to some members of our management team: What do you foresee as the biggest talent challenges in 2021? Below is a compilation of their responses:


“The pandemic will continue to hinder many aspects of workforce management heading into 2021. While vaccinations are on the way, it may take some time before most of the general public receives them. Will clients continue to operate remotely, or will they begin to travel again? Will employees demand a shift to a hybrid or permanent remote-work model? Right now, there are lots of questions that remain unanswered.”

Suzie Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Client Delivery


“Anticipated rises in state and federal unemployment insurances will have a significant impact on employers. Companies will need to be more strategic in brainstorming cost-savings initiatives and evaluating their utilization of contingent versus direct staff to work around this tax increase.”

Claudia Nardulli, Director of Client Delivery


“Keeping an open mind about the best way to get work done will continue to be a challenge in 2021. The increased acceptance of working remotely has torn down geographic barriers for many positions and broadened the talent pool immensely as companies discover the strongest candidates. Determining the best method to utilize talent—direct employee, contingent worker, independent contractor, or SOW—with a total talent mindset can ultimately lead to more efficient and cost-effective ways to get work done.”

Lynne Marie Finn, President & CEO


“It will be a challenge for companies to evaluate and identify their long-term hiring needs while also dealing with the ever-changing nature of the job market. Many labor experts are anticipating tremendous amounts of workforce turnover in the year ahead, which will prove to be a critical hurdle for companies to overcome.”

Ryan Schaal, Director of Client Delivery


“Changes in the presidency almost always prompt varying degrees of uncertainty in the economic and labor markets. The President-elect has made it clear that getting the virus under control is his top priority upon taking office. While potential lockdown or stay-at-home orders could cause a sluggish start to the new year for employers, I expect companies to capitalize on the availability of premier talent as the year progresses.”

Jason Krumwiede, Executive Vice President


“It will be intriguing to see how companies balance the needs of their business while managing the health of their workers. How will organizations deal with talent shortages due to COVID-19 outbreaks? I think virtual onboarding and digital training sessions are sure to continue in the year ahead.”

Suzie Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Client Delivery


“Rather than dwelling on the challenges that lie ahead in 2021, I think the start of the new year presents a tremendous opportunity for CHROs and TA leaders to seize control of their organization’s talent. Whether they are overseeing full-time workers or contract employees, taking some of this responsibility away from procurement departments will ultimately lead to more effective and strategic labor management.”

Jason Krumwiede, Executive Vice President


While the past nine months have been marked by doubt and disruption, we remain hopeful that a successful COVID-19 vaccine will spur a more fruitful and optimistic year ahead. On behalf of our entire Broadleaf team, we wish you a happy and healthy 2021!

If your organization is looking for more effective ways to manage your workforce or overcome business challenges, reach out to our team at Broadleaf. Our suite of workforce solutions can assist your company in maintaining business continuity while driving optimal talent results. Broadleaf offers customizable MSP, RPO, SOW, IC compliance, and payrolling services that can help deliver your most valuable asset—talent.

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