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In the Know with RPO: A Summary of Three Recent E-Books

At Broadleaf, our teams are always keeping tabs on the latest workforce trends and developments. As experts in the total talent management space, we are committed to keeping our clients attune with the latest happenings across a breadth of industries.

In our latest E-Book compilation, we studied the growing prevalence of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions and their deployment across different industries. Namely, we examined how a strategic RPO program could solve hiring needs in the banking and finance, energy and utilities, and healthcare space.

Here are summaries from our most recent trio of E-Books:

E-Book: A Common Sense Guide to RPO for Banking and Financial Services

Whether seeking candidates for traditional finance roles or eyeing ones for emerging positions in quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence, banks and financial institutions have experienced success upon the deployment of a well-designed RPO model. It is through this approach that organizations have been able to stay ahead of the curve and quickly find right-fit resources according to changing hiring needs.

E-Book: A Common Sense Guide to RPO for Energy and Utilities

Sparked by the transition to clean energy and a renewed commitment to end the plight of climate change, activity within the energy and utility space has taken off in recent years. The movement away from carbon and fossil fuel use toward clean energy sources has accelerated job growth within the industry. To keep up with the increasing demand for trained specialists and insightful industry experts, organizations can leverage tailored RPO programs to deliver quality, speed, and scalability to their recruiting processes.

E-Book: A Common Sense Guide to RPO for Healthcare Providers

As the healthcare industry has continued to shift and evolve in recent years, so too have its hiring needs. To address current trends—such as the emergence of telemedicine, the prevalence of data-driven insights, or competition with new, deep-pocketed market entrants—strategic RPO solutions can help. That’s why leaders within the healthcare space have commonly leveraged RPO programs to drive their workforce needs.

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