Tiffany Bennett

In the Limelight: Tiffany Bennett

Broadleaf has long been recognized as a premier provider of total talent and workforce management solutions. But who are the people behind the scenes that help make our success possible?

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Tiffany Bennett—Broadleaf’s Business Solution Designer. As a lifelong veteran of the HR and recruiting industry, Tiffany’s exceptional project management experience has shaped her career and helped her become an expert in workforce technology. Whether she is deploying a first-generation MSP program for a client or transitioning a customer to a new VMS platform, she works diligently to ensure that all technology integrations are seamless and successful.

Starting in staffing

As a native of Ohio, I lived in the Buckeye State until I graduated from the University of Akron with my degree in psychology. From there, I moved to Georgia, where I got my first taste of the staffing business by working as an onsite program manager. This job provided me with a great educational opportunity to learn about the industry. It was this experience that convinced me that I never wanted to leave the staffing world. Almost 17 years later, I’m still here!

Shifting to Broadleaf

I first joined the Broadleaf team back in 2011 as a Project Specialist. It was during this time that I sat onsite with one of our largest and most prominent clients for three years. Right from the get-go, I knew that my tenure with Broadleaf wasn’t going to be short-lived. The company’s ability to provide high-touch, white-glove service to their clients was so much different than other companies that I’d worked for in the past. When working with Broadleaf, I saw that our program teams were so personable—which helped us to generate value in our clients’ MSPs.

Becoming an implementation SME

For the past five years, I’ve moved into the role of Business Solution Designer. My job entails working collaboratively with clients to ensure that technology is set up properly to maximize the functionality of their contingent workforce programs. Once Broadleaf signs—or renews—a contract with our clients, our Business Solutions team gets right to work. We’ve become experts at collecting information and comprising a solution that fits the needs of the organization. Right now, I’m involved in our clients’ full-scale transition from Work Nexus to other leading third-party VMS platforms. My prior knowledge of processes like recruiting, operations, and delivery has provided me with a solid foundation—one that directly correlates to my position.

Fearing failure

Working with the Business Solutions team is a perfect fit when thinking about my personality. I consider myself to be a diligent worker—someone who doesn’t like to fail. I’ll spend countless hours working on something before I stop because I need it to be perfect before I’m done. My drive to succeed has definitely helped me throughout my career. I have such a great fear of failure because I don’t like imagining what would happen if I let my team, or my organization, or my client down. If I have to work late into the night to get something right, I’ll do it—with no questions asked.

Broadleaf in one word

When I think of Broadleaf, the word “dynamic” comes to mind. The definition of “dynamic” talks about having a positive and energetic attitude when implementing new ideas. Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned that to be successful at Broadleaf, you must have a positive outlook on things. Our staff is continually reading up on the latest talent and workforce trends to keep our clients informed of what’s happening in their industry. While our organization has gone through some changes in recent years—like the sunsetting of Work Nexus—these changes have helped us to innovate and remain competitive within the world of total talent management.

A true sports fanatic

When I’m not working in my office, my love of sports is probably consuming my life. You can often find me at my kids’ soccer games or other events. I’m a huge fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes (college football), Minnesota United FC (MLS soccer), and the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL football). Our family loves attending sports games and watching sporting events—especially soccer matches. But when we’re not cheering on our favorite teams, you can usually find us at the beach or by the ocean. Laying in the sand is so peaceful and relaxing—you just can’t beat it!

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