Greg Saufley

In the Limelight: Greg Saufley

In this month’s “In the Limelight,” we’re featuring Client Delivery Manager, Greg Saufley. With more than 30 years of experience in the talent acquisition and workforce solutions industry, Greg is an important member of the Broadleaf team and plays a key role in meeting our clients’ needs. Read on to learn more about Greg, how the industry has changed since his first recruiting gig in the ‘90s, what brought him to Broadleaf, and his life outside of work.

Journey to Broadleaf 

I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and now live in Plattsburgh, New York. In 1993, I started working for a staffing firm as a recruiter and later took on the role of Onsite Manager with PNC Bank. In 2001, I relocated to upstate New York with another staffing agency. During my 19+ years with that company, I held a variety of roles, including Branch Manager, National Program Manager, Client Delivery Director, and Regional Operations Manager.  

I came across an opportunity to work for Broadleaf while searching for opportunities on Indeed and was hired as a Talent Acquisition Advisor. After 18 months, I was promoted to Client Delivery Manager. 

Life at Broadleaf 

In my current role, I support two of Broadleaf’s largest accounts—one in the aerospace and defense industry, and the other in manufacturing. What sold me on the company was its size and the ability to work remotely. I also liked that the company is a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE). 

I truly enjoy helping people and fixing things—and as Client Delivery Manager, I’m able to do both. One of the most challenging (and interesting) parts of the job is the fire fighting. In our world, suppliers and customers are always coming to us with things at the last minute that need to be resolved quickly. 

My prior experience supporting MSPs and background in operations, customer service, and recruiting have helped set me up for success at Broadleaf, and I look forward to growing into other accounts. 

The Times They Are A-Changin’ 

Having been in the talent acquisition industry for so long, I’ve seen a lot of changes. When I started as a recruiter back in the early ‘90s, there was no email or online job postings. The onboarding process consisted of the green form (application), the yellow form (W4), and the white form (I9). We processed payroll by faxing in timesheets to a central payroll center, and in emergency situations we would process paychecks with a typewriter—yes, a typewriter! 

The industry has come so far with automation. There are so many advantages to being able to coordinate staffing initiatives across states and multiple platforms—all from my home office in upstate New York. 

The industry is once again in an interesting position and undergoing changes. Some states are proposing new legislation to establish temporary workers’ rights. If these policies gain steam, it may impact things like headcount, length of assignment, and wages. Regardless, contingent workers and MSP providers will still have an important role to play in the talent ecosystem—but companies will need to make hiring decisions quickly or be prepared for higher pay and bill rates. We’ll need to become even more efficient with tracking assignments and measuring individual and supplier performance in support of our customers. 

Life Outside of Broadleaf 

Before my workday begins, I like to make my wife’s tea and listen to a morning devotion. Outside of work, I enjoy kayaking and fishing. We also recently bought an old 1820s church and are working with architects to make it our forever home. 

If money or time off were no object, I’d love to travel to Vietnam. I was there for a month in 1998 when I adopted my daughter, Emmi, and would love to take her back to show her around. Then we would head to New Zealand with my son, Michael. He is a huge Lord of the Rings nerd, and we would definitely need to stay in a Hobbit house.