In the Limelight Kateley Boardman

In the Limelight: Kateley Boardman

In this month’s edition of “In the Limelight,” we’re featuring Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kateley Boardman. Kateley’s time in the U.S. Navy and education in communications and public relations set her up for success at Broadleaf, where she plays a crucial role supporting the hiring needs of our clients. Learn more about Kateley below! 

Journey to Broadleaf 

I was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and currently reside in Marietta, Georgia. 

After completing high school, I immediately enlisted in the United States Navy as an Aviation Ordnanceman. My responsibilities included handling and inspecting military ordnance, as well as planning and organizing safety and security training for sailors. I also maintained personnel records and training portfolios, providing reports to my supervisors.  

I went on to receive my bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations from California State University, Fullerton. 

As a recent college graduate, I had a hard time finding a job in the communications field during the pandemic. At the time, I was volunteering for StandUp for Kids, a non-profit organization in Atlanta that I previously interned with in California. I helped the organization increase brand awareness by developing strategies and creating content for its social media pages. Additionally, I provided mentoring support and resources to at-risk and homeless youth in public high schools. 

My brother, Chris Carvalho Boardman, works for Acara and recommended I check out Broadleaf’s job posting for a Talent Acquisition Specialist. After learning more about the position, I felt that it presented a great opportunity for me to apply my skills and knowledge in communication, customer service, and relationship-building. 

Life at Broadleaf 

In my role as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I serve as the primary point of contact for hiring managers and suppliers. My workday consists of responding to inquiries from hiring managers and suppliers; conducting intake calls with hiring managers and publishing new job requisitions in the vendor management system (VMS); monitoring the status of open requisitions, candidates submitted, and the timeliness of manager feedback to ensure a smooth hiring process; assisting in the sourcing and onboarding of contingent workers; ensuring that all compliance documents are properly filled out and filed in the VMS; and maintaining data integrity within the VMS system and providing support for reporting and research purposes. 

In talent acquisition, human interaction is crucial. We understand that both candidates and clients may face unexpected changes in their lives and careers, and it’s our responsibility to remain flexible and adaptable to these fluctuations. Our goal is to provide the best possible service and be a reliable and supportive partner every step of the way. 

My previous experience has been very beneficial in my current role at Broadleaf. Here, I am responsible for conducting supplier and manager training, sending weekly reports to the client, and reviewing and filing compliance documents for contractors who are onboarded for a position with the client. During my time as a Communications/Public Relations Intern with StandUp for Kids in California, I learned about the significance of timely and effective communication. This experience also helped me in building strong connections, which is crucial in my current role at Broadleaf. As one of the primary points of contact for managers and suppliers on the accounts I support, I make sure to establish well-rounded connections with them. 

Why Broadleaf? 

I like having the opportunity to assist managers in finding the right talent for their business needs and the company’s success. 

I feel accepted and valued at Broadleaf. It’s great that I can share my ideas, and my colleagues listen and consider them. I feel encouraged to communicate, collaborate, and support my team members, while receiving that same connection and support in return. 

I find remote work fulfilling, but I also value being part of a supportive workplace where I can work alongside talented colleagues. 

Life Beyond Broadleaf 

Outside of work, I enjoy hot pilates and yoga, going on walks with my children and husband, attending my sons’ martial arts classes, cooking, and watching Netflix documentaries. 

I am passionate about helping foster and homeless children. In the past, I have dedicated my time to non-profit organizations like StandUp for Kids and Together We Rise, helping children who are experiencing hardship to access the support and resources they need. 

If money or time off was no object, I would visit some beautiful places around the world, such as Cape Town in South Africa. From the pictures I have seen, it appears to be a wonderful destination with its breathtaking mountains, oceans, wildlife, and cityscape. Another place on my travel list is Saint Lucia, located in the Caribbean Sea. Its beaches and rainforests look stunning in pictures, and I hope to see them in person someday. Additionally, I dream of taking a 30-day trip around Europe, exploring the diverse scenery, cuisine, people, and coffee culture.