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In the Limelight: Tim Meinzer

In the latest edition of Broadleaf’s “In the Limelight” series, get to know Tim Meinzer! Tim’s communication, customer skills, and training skills have made him a critical part of our Client Operations team.

Journey to Broadleaf

I was born, raised, and still live in the City of Tonawanda, outside of Buffalo, New York. I attended the University at Buffalo, earning my bachelor’s in English and master’s in general education. After graduating, I worked in a call center environment, where I was promoted to a quality assurance position that I held for six years.

I had already learned customer service skills and how to perform under pressure from my call center job, and working in quality assurance emphasized attention to detail, which is very important in my current role with Broadleaf.

Like many others, I was laid off during the pandemic. A former coworker and friend who worked for Broadleaf at the time recommended I look into an available position on the Client Operations team, so I sent in my resume. The job offered a new opportunity in a growing industry where I could still use customer service skills from previous jobs. It felt like a place I could learn, grow, and call a new home.

Life At Broadleaf

As a member of the Client Operations team, level 2 tier 1, I assist with invoicing timesheets and expenses for our clients each week. We also help with corrections, billing and payment confirmation, password resets, and various reporting for all of Broadleaf’s clients, among other duties. Every day is a busy one in Client Operations.

Sometimes the Client Operations team is counted on as the only one that can fix a significant issue, and there is a time deadline we need to meet. But I like knowing I have that value and significance to this company—and I like being the person who has the answer and can fix the problem when someone comes to me for help.

Today, I am trusted with higher level tasks than when I started and am invoicing for Broadleaf’s larger clients with specific reporting requirements and needs. I’m grateful for my experience learning how to teach, because I’m also asked to provide some training and guidance to newer members of the Client Operations team.

Why Broadleaf?

This job is in a completely different industry from my previous experiences. I love that I’m always learning something new and developing skills that will continue to serve me in the future.

The pandemic presented multiple financial and recruiting challenges to the talent acquisition industry as a whole, but Broadleaf has stayed at the top of its field and expanded its client base and reputation while remaining committed to its own employees.

If I could only use one word to describe Broadleaf, it would be “together.” No one in this company truly works alone.

Life Outside of Broadleaf

I’m a player and coach for the CAPS (Challenged Athletes Participating in Sports) summer baseball program for people with disabilities. I’ve been a part of baseball for challenged athletes since I was 5, and it’s been a privilege to watch our league evolve, grow, and thrive. I love being able to give back to other kids what the league has given me, teaching them the game, and having fun.

Outside of work, I also love going to the movies with my girlfriend Rachel and am a passionate Buffalo sports fan who rarely misses a Sabres or Bills game on TV. I like to read and enjoy video games on my Playstation 5, and someday I’d love to to visit different parts of Europe, especially Ireland. I’d like to explore my Irish heritage, and a visit to the Guinness Brewery would be a must, too.

I’ve also had three articles published in the Buffalo News over the past year—one about the late Sabres play by play announcer Rick Jeanneret, one about the ups and downs of being a Buffalo Bills fan, and one about the importance of friendship.