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In the Limelight: Patrick Receno

Broadleaf has long been recognized as a premier provider of total talent and workforce management solutions. But who are the people behind-the-scenes that help make our success possible?

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Patrick Receno, Talent Acquisition Specialist. Since beginning his professional career at Broadleaf, Patrick has played an integral role in supporting our clients’ wide-ranging workforce needs. His back-end system expertise and keen eye for detail have helped Broadleaf to elevate its talent acquisition performance.

From downstate to upstate New York

I grew up in Long Island, New York as a first-generation immigrant. My parents were born and raised in the Philippines before moving to the United States. While I was born in New York City, I’ve resided in the suburbs outside of the city for as long as I can remember. My move to Buffalo came when I was a freshman in college. I attended the University at Buffalo and enrolled in the school’s nursing program before eventually switching my major to business administration.

Joining the Aleron family

I first joined the team at Acara—Broadleaf’s sister company—as a young 21-year-old who was fresh out of college. Beginning my career as a recruiter, I underwent several months of comprehensive recruitment training where I learned the in’s and out’s of the business. As someone who had previous work experience in customer-facing roles throughout college, I knew that the transition to becoming a recruiter would be pretty seamless. I enjoyed getting to recruit for a wide range of positions, from truck drivers and factory workers to white-collar office employees. Having the opportunity to understand the nuances of the job market was something that I found incredibly interesting.

Becoming a part of Broadleaf

Soon after my recruitment program had concluded, I was redeployed as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Broadleaf. My role remains very customer-facing, as I spend a lot of my time dealing with hiring managers to ensure that work orders are created and candidate interviews are set. However, a large portion of my job entails making sure that things are squared away on the back end. Ultimately, it’s my job to ensure that our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed.

An all-in mentality

Since I’ve been part of the Broadleaf team, it’s so easy to feel the sense of togetherness that our organization fosters. If you need help or are falling behind on your work, someone will always be there to pick you up and lend a hand. My manager, Joe O’Shea, has been incredibly helpful in getting me acclimated to my role and offering opportunities for professional development. These factors are what make Broadleaf such a special place to work. All of us are driven toward a common goal: we work together as one to help our customers achieve their talent and workforce objectives.

An allegiance to Buffalo

When you ask people around the country what Buffalo is known for, most people will say one thing: snow. But ever since I moved to Buffalo, I’ve discovered that it has so much more to offer than that cold, wet stuff that falls from the sky. I’ve really fallen in love with the city and its people. Things are much more blue-collar in Buffalo compared to where I grew up. The hardworking people of the city epitomize who I am and what I stand for. I’m a big believer in grit and motivation, which is what the people of Buffalo embody. Growing up as a Jets fan, I was amazed to find myself becoming more and more of a Bills follower since moving to upstate New York. Seeing how this community rallies around the team—especially this year in the playoffs—is something special.

Outside of the office

When I’m not at our Broadleaf office, you’ll most likely find me working out, playing pickup lacrosse with some friends, or exploring the outdoors. I’m also a big video game junkie, and during quarantine, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time on games like Civilization VI. A fun fact about me is that I have a cat named Ajax. Just like the warrior king from ancient Greek mythology, Ajax is a ferocious little guy. I always wanted a cat, so during the pandemic, I decided to pull the trigger—and I’m so glad that I did!

To learn more about Patrick, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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