KevinSmith Limelight

In the Limelight: Kevin Smith

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Aleron India’s Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Operations, Kevin Smith. Kevin’s main focus it to oversee the operational and recruitment support services that Aleron India provides to Broadleaf and has become a true asset to the Broadleaf leadership team.  Kevin’s attention to detail and passion for learning keep Broadleaf relevant and competitive in an industry experiencing continuous change. Learn how Broadleaf’s positive corporate culture and forward-thinking environment helped Kevin find his voice.

A proud native of India

I was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, widely renowned as India’s oldest and safest metropolitan city. The state is the cradle of the ancient Dravidian civilization, whose language and culture date back around 4,500 years. I still reside in the same city and consider it an inseparable part of me. I take great pride in being from Chennai.

I took full advantage of my access to education, earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. I later graduated from a premier Indian business school with a business management degree while simultaneously employed at Aleron. The course exposed me to strategy, finance, and organizational management, transforming how I operated, managed, and led groups over the last few years.

Journey to Broadleaf

My first corporate job was at an IT services and consulting organization in a tech support role. This 15-month position exposed me to corporate structure, process framework, customer service, technical aptitude, and many other functional areas. I went from an amateur to a professional while learning several transferable skills, setting me up for success.

When I interviewed for the support services role to support Broadleaf, I immediately knew this was an organization I wanted to be a part of and an opportunity I could not pass up. I created a laundry list of items that inclined me to take the job, but none were superior to the organizational work culture. Coming from a fast-paced, rigid, process-oriented firm with zero voice, I felt this environment could provide space for my original and creative thinking abilities. I was right!

Life at Broadleaf

Joining Broadleaf’s team was a paradigm shift because it offered industry expertise, empowerment, and autonomy, helping me incorporate my original ideas and implement transformative changes. It paid rich dividends and helped me build a career trajectory from a recruiter to my current position as Assistant Vice President of Aleron India.

In this role, I lead a large team spanning sourcing, operations, and recruiting in the Chennai office. My core responsibilities include organizational development, strategy formulation, resource/program management, solutions development, and overall process operations. I ensure streamlined, effective, and efficient process operations while planning for development opportunities and future growth.

I encounter new and varied daily challenges involving stakeholder interaction, team progress, grievances, and reporting and analysis. But with these challenges comes the opportunity to conceive ideas and solutions to solve them. The search for a solution keeps my team, and me engaged, competitive, and educated. Our challenges are vital to the role and positively impact the organization.

Working with Broadleaf has provided me with career satisfaction like no other company. Supportive leadership places unconditional trust and faith in their employees’ abilities. Broadleaf is also incredibly progressive. Fostering innovation ensures the company can remain a leader in a constantly evolving industry.

The future of workforce solutions

Over the past decade or two, the workforce solutions industry has witnessed unprecedented and metamorphic transformation. Companies that failed to embrace or consistently evolve with technological development were left behind or struggled to survive. Broadleaf deftly handled this harsh reality by investing in technology and adapting to its pace and changes.

New business models and refined processes indicate that an organization strives to be competitive and value-oriented, catering to the demanding needs of clients. In Broadleaf’s case, total talent management and startup recruiting/consulting are examples of how Aleron Group, Broadleaf’s parent company, stays ahead of the curve.

Life out of the office

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my adorable four-year-old daughter, reading about global entrepreneurial endeavors, watching cricket, and playing table tennis.

Without financial constraints, I’d go on a world tour, especially to the United States and Europe. I would love to bask in the natural abundance of the landscapes. I am quite the motorhead, which most people would not peg me for. I enjoy long road trips, with or without company, relishing in the drive and nature. The adrenaline rush that it gives is quite unparalleled.