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In the Limelight: Emily Congilaro

In this month’s edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Emily Congilaro—Talent Acquisition Specialist Manager. Emily’s career in client service roles and passion for problem-solving make her a perfect fit for the Broadleaf team and has propelled her success within our organization over the past seven years.

From Missouri to New York

I originally grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but I moved to Rochester, New York, in high school and have remained here ever since. I attended the State Unitvery of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo, where I studied English Literature. After graduating, I held client-facing positions in the financial services and retail industries. No matter the industry, I always focused on uncovering clients’ needs while providing them with the best possible customer service.

Journey to Broadleaf

After spending time at home after the birth of my first child, I was ready for a career change. Through networking, I learned of a client-facing role at Broadleaf and applied. My previous experience made me well-suited for this position. I was excited to join the team as I learned more about Broadleaf’s services and dedication to the local community. In 2016, I was hired as an on-site Talent Acquisition Specialist for a Managed Service Program (MSP) client account.

Roles and responsibilities

In 2019, I was promoted to Talent Acquisition Advisor (TAA), where I functioned as a primary contact for hiring managers and suppliers. As a part of the Client Delivery Team, we offered workforce solutions to help fill needs for contingent and direct hire roles. I helped facilitate the entire hiring process, from requisition to invoicing. This includes vendor management system (VMS) usage training, process and best practices presentations, and solutions-based problem-solving for challenges in this ever-changing workforce solutions industry. No day in the role is ever the same, which is both exciting and a challenge in and of itself. In July 2023, I was promoted to Manager of Talent Acquisition Specialists (TAS). Our clients look to my team for creative solutions to their contingent labor concerns. In this new role, I help TAS’ grow their careers at Broadleaf, as I have had the opportunity to do.

The Broadleaf experience

The Broadleaf team is built on collaboration, dedication, and a commitment to our clients, our organization, and each other. While we may support different accounts, we share a common goal and work together to provide best practices and proactive solutions to ensure our clients have the workers they need to grow their businesses. We partner with each client to set realistic goals and establish a path to meet them. At the same time, behind the scenes, our team supports each other to accomplish this. Broadleaf improves its communities by strengthening the employment landscape and through civic engagement and social governance. I am proud to work for an organization whose values are visible in every aspect of its business.

A constant in a changing industry

When I started with Broadleaf, I was an on-site program supervisor for an MSP. This was an incredibly valuable experience as I witnessed our client’s needs firsthand and interacted with them as real-time issues arose. As times have changed and much of the Broadleaf team works remotely, I still credit my industry knowledge to the experience I gained working on-site. To this day, I make sure our clients know that I am always available, even if not in their office, which helps provide a positive customer experience when addressing their workforce needs. Additionally, another constant in this industry is problem-solving. As a Senior TAA, my team managed the life cycle of contingent workers in the VMS. There often are breaks or bottlenecks in the system, and it is up to our team to work through the issues and find solutions to keep the processes moving smoothly. A passion for unraveling issues and timely resolution is an aspect of this industry that I do not see changing anytime soon.

Life outside of work

I am a mom of two boys, and they keep me busy. We enjoy camping, hiking, and exploring. I also love to craft and dabble in creating all types of art. Lately, I have been working on learning loom weaving. It is incredibly relaxing, and I love to create new projects when I have time.