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In the Limelight: Daniel White

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Daniel White—a Client Delivery Team Lead. Danny’s extensive career in recruiting has certainly made him a jack of all trades in the recruiting and talent acquisition world. Learn how Daniel’s communication and leadership skills, in combination with his knowledge of the industry, have helped him to secure some of Broadleaf’s largest and most sought-after clients.

Getting his start

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived there until I was 11 years old. I then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and have remained down south ever since. I graduated from Georgia State University with a business degree, specializing in marketing. I started in recruiting right out of college. I was initially involved in medical recruiting, before joining Acara—Broadleaf’s sister company—and worked in the technology recruiting world. The training I received in these roles immensely prepared me for my position at Broadleaf. I became accustomed to and comfortable with being in front of clients, essentially laying the groundwork for my current role.

Journey to Broadleaf

I joined Acara in 2010 and served in multiple roles over the next 11 years. In 2021 I was supporting a client on a small scale (2-3 jobs here and there) when they expressed interest in a more dedicated, focused service model as they were experiencing rapid growth and needed to hire dozens of people as quickly as possible. We leveraged this into a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program win for the Broadleaf team—and due to my relationship with and knowledge of the client—I moved over to Broadleaf to play a role in the newly awarded RPO. RPO is a much more focused model compared to my previous role at Acara where I supported numerous clients at once. I have enjoyed the opportunity to immerse myself in my clients’ operations. The ability to feel like an internal employee of your client on these types of projects is rare and something I could not pass up in this industry.

A passion for the industry

As a client delivery lead, I am responsible for recruiting and managing a program team and working directly with clients. My day-to-day duties include recruiting for various engineering and engineering leadership roles, specifically for the semiconductor industry. Recruiting for the semiconductor industry is incredibly competitive. Currently, there is a high demand and low supply for folks with the skillsets we seek. The candidates we are going after have a lot of options, so selling our client as effectively as possible to them is essential for Broadleaf’s success. We often find ourselves competing against companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, not to mention the traditional semiconductor companies in the industry. Differentiating our client to these candidates is critical to landing the caliber of talent our customer needs. While this can be challenging, closing high-end candidates still gives me an adrenaline rush. I love knowing I have provided a company with premiere talent. On the other hand, it’s great to hear the excitement in candidates’ voices when they accept a new role they feel is a major step forward for them in their careers.

Apart from loving the role itself, the company culture at Broadleaf is unbeatable. My colleagues are supportive and approachable. They make logging on to work each day much more enjoyable. We push each other to new limits, and I credit them as part of the reason for personal growth in both my hard and soft skills that I have experienced since joining the company.

Looking toward the future

In this industry, there will always be technological advancements that we must stay on top of to remain competitive. And Broadleaf has done just that. They consistently provide the latest tools and technology to their employees and partners to ensure that we can reap the benefits of these advancements. Sure, there is a lot of talk that artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans in this industry. While that may be true to an extent, I don’t think any technology will be as useful unless a human is behind it.

Life outside of Broadleaf

I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina, and I am a dad to two daughters, ages three and 20 months. So, when I am not working, I am usually kept busy by my girls, trying to keep them entertained and active. Most of my mornings are spent getting them ready for daycare. I love spending time with them on the beach on the weekends, especially in the early morning before the crowds arrive. My family and I love to explore downtown Charleston, taking many trips to parks and other kid-friendly areas the city offers.

To learn more about Daniel, visit his LinkedIn page here.