Soto Limelight

In the Limelight: Arica Soto

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Arica Soto—a Recruiting Specialist. Arica is a team member on a prominent Broadleaf Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) client account. She relishes the flexibility and autonomy Broadleaf offers, allowing her to take charge and accomplish her job effectively. Arica’s early career start in the workforce solutions industry and passion for sourcing and recruiting best-fit candidates for her clients have propelled her to success.

Getting her start

I started in human resources in 2001 as an administrative assistant in the HR department at a credit card company. In this role, I provided crucial support to the recruitment team, assisting with job postings and interview scheduling. I began shadowing hiring manager interviews as I became more comfortable and well-versed in my role. My interest was immediately piqued, and little did I know that this experience would pave the way for me to specialize in recruiting call center associates.

Transferring into a recruiting role served as a stepping stone toward a later position as a corporate recruiter at one of the largest optical retailers in North America. I continued to enhance my talent acquisition skills, grow my industry knowledge, and advance my career across various organizations. I progressed from sourcing and recruiting entry-level position candidates to eventually C-suite roles.

Journey to Broadleaf

A former colleague who had recently secured a position at Broadleaf informed me of an open recruiting role. The prospect of engaging with diverse clients and gaining exposure to various business models drew me to the company. The opportunity would allow me to excel in talent acquisition and cultivate strong professional relationships.

Role at Broadleaf

When I first joined the Broadleaf team, my role involved recruiting entry-level technicians for a prominent RPO client account. On this initial client project, I successfully sourced and hired individuals for entry-level positions and managed requisitions for more senior roles, such as assistant managers and inspectors, across multiple client locations. My role has now shifted to recruiting call center workers on a different account.

Being part of an RPO account team has unique challenges, mainly because we must be agile and adaptable to meet ever-changing client requirements. However, those challenges are easily outweighed by the joy I feel when extending a job offer to a candidate. To witness the genuine excitement and gratitude in their response is akin to providing someone with a fresh opportunity to improve their life.

The Broadleaf experience

The leadership team at Broadleaf excels in acknowledging and celebrating achievements within the organization, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation among employees. This is achieved through the company’s exceptional autonomy and flexibility, enabling me to pursue and attain my goals. Unlike other workplaces where middle management often dictates how to reach objectives, Broadleaf fully embraces empowering its employees to take charge and accomplish their responsibilities most effectively.

Additionally, Broadleaf is passionate about providing opportunities for employees to volunteer with community charitable organizations, allowing them to contribute to causes they feel strongly about while giving back to the community. It is wonderful to know that your employer helps to support you to support outstanding causes in your life.

Keeping up with industry changes

The workforce solutions industry has undergone significant transformation, primarily driven by technology. In the past, recruiting heavily relied on the “boots on the ground” approach. However, today, a staggering 99% of the sourcing, screening, and recruiting processes have transitioned to being accomplished using technology.

Broadleaf has seamlessly navigated these changes by assembling a team of individuals who share common values and have extensive experience in the industry. Employees harness this wealth of knowledge through collaborative efforts and brainstorming sessions. Ideas are welcomed and valued, and voices are always heard, fostering an environment of open communication and innovation.

Life outside of work

Outside of work, my sons—Adrian and Justice—keep me quite busy with their various extracurricular school activities, including baseball and football. Supporting and engaging in their interests and hobbies is a rewarding and fulfilling part of my life. Beyond my children, I love taking early morning walks, spending time with friends, and cooking. I recently discovered the Georgia Farm Bureau Passport, a program highlighting 90+ farms in the Certified Farm Markets initiative. It’s all about exploring food origins, connecting with farm families, and creating lasting memories in Georgia. Farm visits inspire my culinary adventures, and I relish using fresh, local ingredients to make everything from homemade fruit preserves to intricate charcuterie boards.