In the Limelight: Ryan Schaal

Broadleaf’s innovative approach to workforce management and employee engagement has made us a leading provider of total talent solutions. And, behind Broadleaf’s programs and offerings—driving the organization’s success, and thus, the success of our clients—is a team of experienced and passionate individuals.

Ryan Schaal has served as a Regional Account Manager in our Buffalo, NY headquarters since 2011. Known for his energetic attitude and attention to detail, Ryan is a tremendous asset to Broadleaf and the customers we serve.


In what areas did you grow up and attend school?

I grew up in the LaSalle area of Niagara Falls, and most of my family lives in the area, as well.  I am a lifelong western New Yorker, including my years in college. I attended Niagara University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resources.


Can you share an interesting bit of trivia about yourself?

I am an avid collector of many things, with baseball cards and coins being my favorites. My wife and I are also Disney fanatics—we take a trip there every six to nine months. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a child at heart. There aren’t many places you can still go to partake in a fun, youthful experience.


What kind of work did you do before joining Broadleaf, and what made you want to be part of the Broadleaf team?

Much of my professional experience has been in the Human Resources field as an HR Generalist and HR Manager. In fact, prior to joining Broadleaf in 2011, I worked for two of Broadleaf’s clients. After getting to know the team as the client, I hoped to ultimately work for them one day. Broadleaf’s client engagement, values, and ethics caught my attention, and I knew they would make a great employer.


What duties are involved with your current role?

As a Regional Manager, I provide support to our Program Managers who work with our clients each and every day. I strive to be available to anyone who needs me and to jump in at a moment’s notice, if need be. Regional Managers offer that consultative connection that Broadleaf is known for among our clients. We are also champions of Broadleaf as an organization, especially during times of change or growth. The way we carry ourselves and work with customers represent the company, and we always need to be aware of that fact.


What qualities are you known for having at work?

I would say that I am known for being both fun-loving and hardworking—not always an easy balance to maintain, but I try my best!


What personal approach do you take when bringing reliable and sustainable results to your customers?

I am 100% committed to supporting our clients and those on my teams. The more that Broadleaf operates as a team, the more our clients benefit from our services and support. I try to be as factual as possible with the information I provide, and if I don’t know something, I seek out someone who does. Through building strong relationships with our clients, we gain the ability to partner with them on both professional and personal levels, which is often the key to maintaining and growing successful client relationships.


What is an example of how Broadleaf pulled through for its team and customer during a hectic time?

Often, a client needs to fill several very important open positions in a quick timeframe—typically for a project or unforeseen ramp-up that puts heavy pressure on our customers. In situations like this, Broadleaf is able to step up to the plate. To do this, we will schedule weekly, or even daily, client calls to ensure everyone stays up to date. We like to create action plans that highlight timelines, who is responsible for certain actions, anticipated challenges, variables, etc. This allows the project to be managed appropriately with the ultimate goal of success.


Do you feel Buffalo offers something special as Broadleaf’s headquarters?

Buffalo is really a best kept secret! It is a great location with a diverse population of people, cultures, and businesses. Buffalo offers the opportunity to easily travel to Canada and experience their culture, as well. It’s one of those places that people and businesses love to call home, and it will always be home for me!