In the Limelight: Jeremy Rothschild

Broadleaf is recognized for its integrated total talent management approach in delivering MSPs, RPO, ICCPs, service vendor management, and VMS technologies. But behind those programs, who are the people driving Broadleaf’s success?

Jeremy Rothschild has been a member of the Broadleaf team since 2016. A New Jersey native and Northeastern graduate, this athlete and Regional Manager shares the importance of a strong work-life balance, and his passion for working in the field of MSPs.

In what areas did you grow up and attend school?  

I was born in South Orange, NJ where I lived until I was seven years old. I then moved to Scottsdale, AZ for six years only to return to East Brunswick, NJ for high school. Rather than the nearby Rutgers University, I ventured to Northeastern University in Boston, MA where I majored in Business Management.

Can you share an interesting bit of trivia about yourself?

Due to our frequent moves, I attended a different school every year from kindergarten to 8th grade. My love for sports has enabled me to continue playing soccer for 38 years straight. I also train in martial arts, mastering my kenpo karate, small circle ju-jitsu, and muay thai boxing skills.

What made you want to become part of the Broadleaf family?

After eleven years with a staffing firm that managed client contingent labor needs, I transitioned to the MSP side, and have now managed clients in the Bio/Pharma, Financial, Non-Profit, Manufacturing, and Customer Service industries.

I enjoy working with clients to manage contingent labor programs, and I wanted to work for an HR company that manages MSPs. I knew of Broadleaf’s reputation as a rising star in that arena and their ability to customize a program for each client.

What duties are involved with your current role?

As a Regional Manager, I oversee multiple MSP programs in various industries. This allows me to educate on HR Solutions, industry trends, and new solutions that keep our clients ahead of their competition.

What qualities are you known for having at work? 

My team knows I believe in the phrase, “Work Hard, Play Harder” as well as the concept of a strong work-life balance. When traveling for work, I explore the town or city in my downtime. I encourage my team to think outside the box and stay creative when it comes to our clients.

What is your personal approach to bringing reliable, sustainable results to customers? 

The knowledge and experience we bring as industry experts is invaluable. I conduct discussions, presentations, and frequent meetings about challenges faced on a micro and macro level and strategize solution implementation. Our ability to move many of our clients towards the Total Talent Solutions Model has enabled us to expand our brand presence.

What is an example of how Broadleaf pulled through for its team and the customer?

Managing contingent labor roles is just one of our responsibilities. Ensuring that the compliance/risk reduction factors set forth for each program are met is just as vital. Many times, we are asked to be creative with a temporary worker or project with unusual circumstances. Recently, a client wished to utilize a gentleman who has his own company but does not qualify in the government’s view of an Independent Consultant. We successfully found a way to work with the client and employ this gentleman for a special project in which his specialized skills could be utilized.

What makes your particular work location interesting, challenging, or engaging?

My team is spread throughout the country. We communicate frequently and not always during normal business hours, but my goal is to behave as if we are in sitting together in the same office. I’m also fortunate to be able to work on-site in Boston one day each week. The client team there is engaging and conscientious and Boston is such a vibrant and fast paced city in which to work and explore.