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In the Limelight: Brian Schultz

Broadleaf has long been recognized as a premier provider of total talent and workforce management solutions. But who are the people behind the scenes that help make our success possible?

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Brian Schultz—Broadleaf’s Client Delivery Manager. Brian leads a team of 14 recruiters while overseeing one of Broadleaf’s highest volume RPO projects. His recruiting prowess and sound management skills have been critical in effectively staffing his client’s service centers across the United States.

Ready for recruiting

Back in 2012, I moved from my home in Champaign, Illinois to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the first time I had ever lived outside of Illinois, but I was excited about the opportunity. While out west, I got to expand on my client services and recruiting experience that I learned for nearly four years in my previous onsite staffing role. At this time, I transitioned into an RPO-focused recruitment role which further expanded my passion for talent acquisition.

Making a mark through recruiting

One of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed—and had so much success with—recruiting is the client interaction side of the business. Being able to help customers by becoming part of their team and building strong relationships is something that I’ve always loved. From a pure recruiting standpoint, I felt that I’ve been able to make an impact on candidates by helping them to build better careers. When you get on the phone with a job seeker, you can hear the difference that you’re making in their world. Giving people an opportunity is something that can radically change the trajectory of their lives.

Joining the Broadleaf team

I was eager to join the Broadleaf family back in 2016. Having worked with Suzie Mitchell in the past, I knew about the success of the organization and wanted to help the company increase the success of its RPO business. I was originally hired as a contract recruiter and focused my efforts on supporting Broadleaf’s pilot RPO programs for about five different clients. I became part of the pilot program in 2018 for my current client engagement—and haven’t looked back since!

A day in the life

Since the start of this client project, we’ve helped support nearly 300 individual service centers around the country by hiring Automotive Technicians, Customer Service Advisors, and Assistant Managers. During my time on the project, I’ve gone from a Market Recruiter, to being elevated to Team Lead, to being promoted to Client Delivery Manager. Currently, my primary responsibilities lie in helping our team of recruiters achieve their talent acquisition goals by serving as a liaison between Broadleaf and the client. Ultimately, making sure that our client is satisfied with our performance is high atop my list of priorities. They are an amazing group of people that I genuinely enjoy working with every day. It’s relationships like these that keep me motivated!

An adoration for organized chaos

Part of what makes my job so interesting is that no two days are ever the same. For someone like me who loves solving problems, the unique challenges of recruiting really excite me. I’m a fan of organized chaos—if I’m in a role that’s too easy, I’ll grow bored very quickly. But in recruiting, there are so many moving parts. I always have work on my plate, which keeps me mentally sharp and helps me to properly manage my time. Plus, because the recruitment industry is constantly changing, I’m regularly learning about new ideas or innovative technology. Recruiting never fails to keep me on my toes!

The beauty of Broadleaf

Since I joined the team at Broadleaf, I’ve always been impressed by the organization and how we operate as a unit. There’s so much opportunity for internal growth because we’re continuously growing and expanding with new projects and programs. But the best part about Broadleaf is that despite this growth, the company still maintains a family-like feel. You don’t feel like a number here—leadership will take the time to make you feel heard. In my mind, that’s what truly separates us from our competitors.

Out-of-work passions

Outside of work, I like to maintain a very busy lifestyle. As I said before, when I’m too idle, it’s not a good thing! My wife and I have four kids, so when we’re not at work, we’re usually at a sports practice, game, or tournament. I’m a big fan of working out and exercising and love to start my day with a 5:30am trip to the gym. This gets my juices flowing and keeps me motivated for the rest of the day. Outside of working out, I’m a huge fan of my Chicago sports teams. My family hails from the south side of Chicago, so I’ve been an ardent fan for as long as I can remember. From the Bears and the White Sox to the Bulls and the Blackhawks, I root for them all!

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