5 Ways to Maximize Your Time at CWS

Heading to the 2017 CWS Summit? Be sure to read our tips on how to make the most of your CWS experience this year. Hope to see you there!

1. Meet and connect with others.

There’s a wealth of information and experience amongst attendees and exhibitors- be sure to take advantage of the talent in the room! Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards so that you can leave them with new people you meet. Most importantly, don’t just collect a plethora of business cards for the sake of doing so, be sure to stay in touch and create relationships by following up after the conference.

2. Meet with the exhibitors and get their opinion and thoughts on industry trends. 

Look for the exhibitors that are charged with designing and delivering solutions. You may be surprised with an interesting insight, industry trend or possible solution for your business. It’s also helpful to stay abreast of current industry “hot topics” so that you can engage in meaningful conversations. For example, did you know that the projected unemployment rate is expected to remain below 5% for next 3-5 years? Always good to come prepared with information that is relevant to the event.

3. Participate! 

Attend the roundtables, networking sessions, and the hackathon.  The conference only lasts two days, so make sure to attend many different types of events to see what is most relevant for you. Taking photos and sharing them on your social media accounts is also a great way to participate and share in the fun. Don’t forget to use the official conference hashtag #CWSSummit in your social media posts!

4. Make your name tags visible

CWS is all about making connections, so make sure your name tag is visible! Exhibitors and other conference attendees love learning about your company and you just never know how they might be able to help you. So don’t be shy, engage with as many people as possible, share contact information and of course, smile!

5. Stop by Broadleaf’s Launch Party at the House of Blues on Monday night!

Don’t miss a great opportunity to have some fun and enjoy great local music! There will be an open bar, light bites, and live music by one of Dallas’ local bands, The Revolvers. It will be a night you don’t want to miss! Don’t have a ticket yet? It’s not too late, register here: https://broadleafresults.com/house-of-blues/


2017 CWS Summit North America Reference Guide
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Official Event Hashtag: #CWSummit
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