5 Takeaways from the HRO Today Forum

A couple of weeks ago, the Broadleaf team attended the HRO Today Forum in National Harbor, Maryland. The event featured HR thinkers, practitioners, technologists, and partners from all over the country—and we were there to help build tomorrow’s world-class workforce today.

Here are five key takeaways from the conference, including some resources you can use to make an immediate impact at your own business:

1. The talent shortage does not discriminate!
Regardless of your industry, the talent shortage is making a significant impact on recruitment and hiring. According to this Gartner survey about emerging risks facing organizations, “Staff shortages have escalated in the last three months to become the top emerging risk organizations face globally.” To curb this trend, it will be important for talent acquisition and recruitment teams to get creative with their hiring strategies.

Find out how to stay ahead of your competitors with this resource: Stress Test Your Hiring Strategy: Game of Thrones Style

2. Hiring managers are pushing for more creative ways to hire.
It doesn’t matter what method you use to hire—whether you’re hiring direct-hire employees or any member of the contingent workforce—you’ve got to be creative! For example, a brewery outside of Buffalo is hosting an open casting call to find the right bussers, servers, hosts, dishwashers, bartenders, and even managers. While this strategy won’t work for every type of business, it can get you thinking about fun ways to mix up your recruitment and hiring strategies.

Get started with these 24 Creative Recruitment Strategies with Real Examples from builtin.com.

3. The talent is in control.
One high-level hiring manager we spoke with at the conference told us, “Just get me the talent!” This is the sort of statement that demonstrates how desperate some hiring managers are to find talent these days. The American Society of Employees recognized this trend back in November 2018: “Low unemployment and high demand for talent is creating a recruiting environment where job seekers and newly hired employees are in control.” Halfway through 2019, nothing much has changed. So, what’s the solution? We can start by shortening hiring cycles and expediting processes.

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4. “What makes up an employment brand?”
Even if a company defines what their brand is (their story, core values, mission, vision, etc.) it can be difficult to communicate that to the marketplace. What’s more, it’s especially difficult to get total brand compliance throughout the company. According to several companies we talked to, their focus has been on B2B and B2C marketing. As a consequence, B2Candidate/Employee relationships have suffered—and that needs to change.

If you need to improve your employer brand, we recommend strategizing those efforts as soon as possible. To do so, consider investigating these five tips to create a winning employer brand from Forbes.

5. Hiring teams are looking to partnerships for fresh ideas.
The relationship with hiring managers and talent solutions agencies is often paramount to successful recruitment and retention efforts. In a recent LinkedIn talent blog, Vivian Gian explains seven things that Netflix recruiters do to create a true partnership with hiring managers. One such suggestion? “Provide a 360 view of candidates, so that when hiring managers do make their decision, they do so with confidence because they have you as their partner and have all the information they need to choose wisely.”

If it works for Netflix, why can’t it work for you? Find a good recruitment partner and simplify your processes in no time.

At Broadleaf, we deliver your most reliable asset: talent. Let us know how we can help you enhance your total talent strategies today!

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