5 Workforce Trends Revealed in our HRO Today Flash Report

HRO Today Flash Reports are a series of ongoing research initiatives that address today’s topics of interest in the HR community. HR teams can use data from our report to make the best business decisions, inform discussions with thought leaders, and set precedents for industry practitioners.

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Short on time? Here’s a quick list of our findings:

1. Organizations with fewer than 500 contingent workers are more likely to have open requisitions for both direct and indirect fulfillment. Those with more contingent workers (500+) are much more likely to have created a sourcing model for both contingent and direct applicants (71% vs. 47%, respectively).

2. TTM models at companies are largely incomplete. Ninety-seven percent of respondents say their organization has not yet completed implementing its TTM model. Further, about one half (45%) say they’d only somewhat implemented it, which might suggest they need assistance.

3. HR employees say they require upskilling to properly manage a contingent workforce. On a 5-point scale, respondents rated the importance of enhancing their skill set as a 4.26—the highest average of any other score across all categories (flexibility, cost, loyalty, etc.).

4. Procurement professionals say they are less involved in managing a contingent workforce when it consists of fewer than 500 people. Conversely, PR pros who handle more than 500 workers say they are involved, but would benefit from having better connections with outsourcing companies.

5. Technology has the most impact on finding contingent workers. Using technology is most useful when finding workers, but it also helps HR workers improve visibility to processes and track progress on projects.

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