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Harnessing Direct Brand Sourcing to Drive Results

In the wake of COVID-19, organizations around the world have taken the time to restructure their workforces, revamp their brands, and revise their recruiting approaches. Because of the wide range of experienced jobseekers that are now available on the candidate market, businesses need to be prepared to pursue this highly sought-after talent. Yet despite high unemployment rates across the U.S., the prevalence of candidate pool and skill-matching challenges remain.

How can your organization be both strategic and proactive in identifying and courting these talented resources? In what ways can you develop more robust candidate pools across multiple skill sets and geographies? Allow me to introduce the concept of direct brand sourcing—an idea that is sure to become a hot topic, especially in the months ahead. While this solution has been prevalent in Europe for several years, direct brand sourcing is beginning to gain traction in the United States.

Working in tandem with a total talent management partner, a proper direct brand sourcing approach can aid organizations in casting a wider and deeper net when uncovering both active and passive job seekers. While the development of robust talent pools is always a top priority for talent acquisition and HR professionals, many companies lack the necessary time and resources to get these programs off the ground. Right now, there exists a tremendous need for organizations to target candidates with specific abilities and niche skillsets that will enable the construction of more complete talent pipelines.

In the eyes of total talent management providers—traditionally found mostly under MSP and RPO models—the ultimate goal of any workforce solution is to streamline recruiting processes and generate a substantial return on investment. Through the deployment of a proven direct brand sourcing program, companies can accomplish just that. By leaning on current brand-power, alumni channels, and a strong total talent management partner, organizations will more efficiently and cost-effectively enhance their talent acquisition capabilities while providing opportunities for enhanced strategic long-term planning.

Total talent management providers like Broadleaf can leverage expansive supplier networks and utilize sophisticated recruitment platforms to help their clients keep tabs on resources in the market. That way, when specific talent needs arise today, tomorrow, or even years down the road, organizations will be well-acquainted with the available resources on the market. But most importantly, these available resources will be equally acquainted with the organization, allowing for a much more streamlined recruiting and hiring process.

When implemented correctly, direct brand sourcing strategies present a cost-effective way to develop more robust talent pools while optimizing an organization’s exposure to highly skilled talent. What’s more, companies can observe a tremendous decrease in cost per hire, thereby leading to a leaner bottom-line. If your business is seeking a means of strategically connecting with unique, highly specialized pockets of the talent market, look no further than a direct brand sourcing program.

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