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Building the Right Solution for the Right Customer

In the world of workforce management, the utilization of “custom-fit” and “tailor-made” solutions is crucial for the success of any program. Talent offerings should never be presented as one-size-fits-all; rather, they must be designed to fit the client’s unique needs and objectives.

At Broadleaf, we serve as more than just total talent providers to our customers. With a proven track record for success in the industry, our team strives to establish deeper partnerships with our clients to help them increase business productivity and maximize their return on investment. We understand the intrinsic value that high-quality employees can bring to any organization. It’s why we identify talent as the most valuable asset in the workplace.

So how does Broadleaf build the right solution for the right customer? Allow me to explain.

A deeper understanding

From the start of the sales cycle, our Broadleaf team is focused on asking high-level questions and enriching our knowledge of the client’s business. We want to understand their organizational strengths and weaknesses, recruitment strategies and approaches, and long-term goals. The more we can learn about our clients and their objectives in all areas of their business, the more successful we will be in crafting a workforce program that aligns with their organization.

Planning equals success

During the planning process, our team gets creative. We look to expand our in-depth understanding of the client to determine the results they wish to achieve once the program is successfully implemented. How do they prioritize and measure cost, quality, and compliance? Do they have any initiatives that need consideration, such as new diversity requirements that need to be met? Is the client maximizing the value of their suppliers? Are there gaps in fulfillment? Would new strategies involving the use of multiple staffing agencies, an alumni program, freelance workers, a recruitment process outsourcing service, or a combination of these drive efficiency in delivering talent? Finally, is the client environment one that is open to change – providing the platform for adoption of new approaches and solutions?  The answers to these questions will ultimately lay the foundation for the scope of the program’s implementation.

Engaging with end-users

While the need to converse with key company stakeholders is apparent, Broadleaf sees added value in engaging with end-users like hiring managers. These individuals are more connected on a day-to-day basis than corporate-level executives and often have opinions that are useful in improving the program as a whole. By conversing with these end-users, Broadleaf strives to obtain a 360-degree view of the recruitment effort to determining the things that work and the things that don’t. We believe that everyone’s opinions are uniquely important. By doing our due diligence and letting everyone’s voice be heard, a successful initiative will follow.

Implementation: not a cookie-cutter approach

While Broadleaf has established program baselines to fall back on, our team does not shy away from strategically and creatively customizing solutions that are specific to our clients’ needs. It is important to not be a “yes-man” during the implementation process. Rather, we engage in consultative conversations with our clients to get a feel for their expectations and look to design a program that is innovative and engaging yet effective and practical. At the end of the day, our clients are confident that through our decades of experience and industry best practices, Broadleaf can provide the answers to their workforce management needs.

Understanding company culture

To maintain the success of any total talent management program, Broadleaf must also have a handle on the company’s mission, vision, and values. In order to help our suppliers better understand the company that they are recruiting for, these defining organizational traits need to be crystal clear. Much of our conversation with our clients centers around change management. We inquire to learn more about the type of work environment that the company fosters, preferred type of communication methods (i.e. face-to-face vs. webinar-focused), and why the company is a great place to work.

Results-driven mindset

Our commitment doesn’t end once our solution goes live. Rather, Broadleaf’s work has only just begun. By embedding our Delivery Team into the project, we are constantly seeking new ways to maximize both performance and savings. Striking this balance is what has allowed us to maximize program performance for our customers. We review the results against the initial goals and strategic plan, making the necessary adjustments to optimize outputs. Broadleaf leverages leading workforce management platforms and data analysis tools to further validate the success of the program for our customers. The culmination of this implementation and delivery process is what helps us deliver our A+ Client Experience and provide exceptional service tailored to our customers’ individual business needs.

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