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3 Tech Tools for Talent Management

Carl Kutsmode is Senior Vice President & Talent Consulting Practice Lead of TalentRise, a leading executive search and talent consultation services company. And as an official business partner of Broadleaf Results, Carl joined our team at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas to explore the new and exciting automation developments in our industry.

“Candidate and employee experiences are being significantly improved by HR and recruiting automation,” says Carl.

Here are three such tools HR and recruiting teams can use to simplify tasks and improve experiences for prospective, new, and current employees.



Barista is an employee-friendly “virtual support agent” (VSA) that eliminates the typically time-consuming and ineffective intranets of your standard office environment. Akin to Amazon’s Alexa or your Google Home device, Barista—from enterprise AI company Expressive—uses AI to field questions and offer answers to curious workers.

In simpler terms, according to Carl, “Barista is an employee engagement and onboarding platform with AI.” That means it’s a tool new hires can use to ask questions about company policies, insurance coverages, and other work-related intel—all of which make it easier for HR departments to:

  • Provide answers to critical questions
  • Increase new hire retention
  • Improve HR service delivery efficiency

More than just an invaluable tool for human resources, Barista also includes built-in features for IT, sales, and other professionals.



Brazen is “the conversational recruiting platform” that assumes four recruiting responsibilities in one platform. Here’s what they are and what you can do with them:

Recruiting Chatbot
Start conversations with top talent sooner: pre-screen candidates, collect contact information, and promote your company culture quicker than ever.

Virtual Career Fairs
“Connect recruiters and hiring managers through chat,” separating you from competitors, lowering your costs, and extending your reach.

Embed QuickChat on your career site or online job board so job seekers can start talking to your recruiters right away—a feature that millennial and Gen Z candidates have come to expect from most businesses.

Scheduled Chat
Give candidates the opportunity to schedule a chat with your recruiters at a mutually agreeable time, thereby empowering both parties and facilitating amiable conversations.

“Using AI is an attractive option to job seekers,” says Carl, “because it focuses on the recruitment and candidate experience in an engaging way.”



CartaHR, from information management company Access, is a cloud-based system that syncs up with your existing HRIS or HCM systems so you can enjoy free and easy access to all your docs in one place—at the touch of a button

“It’s an employee document management platform that can save you time and patience,” says Carl. To be clear, this software platform can help HR pros and others:

  • Enhance productivity: automate time-consuming paper processes
  • Maximize security: protect your sensitive employee information documents
  • Manage and maintain compliance: monitor important employee documents
  • Integrate your systems: eliminate the need for multiple applications

CartaHR can be especially helpful for those of you who manage a contingent workforce, a responsibility that is often rife with important paperwork. With a user-friendly system such as this, you can streamline your paper-heavy workforce management responsibilities with ease.


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