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Top Five Advantages of RPO

Today’s low unemployment rate dictates that the competition for talent remains cutthroat, especially for candidates with specialized skills. The strategy to locate and retain talent has become vital to an organization’s competitive strength. Unfortunately, it often requires bandwidth from an already busy human resource or recruiting department.

Enter the five-point RPO advantage. Recruitment Process Outsourcing consists of a team of talent experts well-versed in data, technology, and business practices that, when applied, improve an organization’s talent acquisition strategy and candidate experience. A recent Talent Acquisition 360 survey illustrated that 91% of organizations using RPO were very satisfied by their ability to deliver quality hires compared to 43% of organizations using only an in-house team. RPO offers five specific advantages that sidestep flaws within any in-house system:

Serves as a partnership.

The team familiarizes with an organization’s goals and culture to understand which candidates best fit the environment, and which skills will advance the company’s goals and departmental needs.

Maintains a purposeful and strategic approach.

When partnering with an RPO team, you have several options. Members can work on-site at your location, work remotely, or a combination of the two. Regardless of location, your RPO team’s focus is on talent acquisition. Team members aren’t burdened by any other tasks. This ensures they are giving your talent discovery and hiring process their complete attention.

Cultivates industry relationships.

Talent markets and industry trends evolve over time. An RPO team can predict the variables and scope through which to build a talent pipeline, whether within a certain demographic or location. Team members cultivate industry relationships that encourage steady recruitment. If there is a sudden need to fill a large number of positions, less stress will surround the process.

Adds to candidate experience.

RPO guarantees a consistent degree of communication with your candidates and eases frustration or uncertainty. RPO partners place a high priority on smooth transitions for new employees, which helps to retain a positive employer brand.

Increases candidate quality.

Because of their talent expertise and access to technology, RPO managers refer only the most qualified candidates to your HR department. They have familiarized themselves with each candidate’s education, work experience, talent, skill sets, and personality, eliminating wasted time, unfit candidates, and less on-the-job training.

In today’s market, talent acquisition either holds your business at a standstill or advances it forward. Hiring an RPO team may result in the optimization of your overall business. With a partner skilled in the finding, attracting, and hiring of talent, your associates can focus on their day-to-day tasks without worrying about candidate selection, resume reading, or the means to locate large amounts of candidates if sudden need arises.

To learn more about Recruitment Process Outsourcing, watch the video below or contact a Broadleaf recruiter.