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5 Benefits of FlexRPO

Given the ever-changing business landscape during the coronavirus pandemic, your business may be experiencing some transitions. Our FlexRPO solutions are as agile as you need to be. As your dedicated recruitment partners, we’ll work with your team to deploy custom RPO solutions that solve your specific recruiting needs.


1. Get tailored solutions.

With Broadleaf’s FlexRPO, you’re in control. Outsource some or all of your recruitment function with a flexible RPO solution that lets you choose where you need us:

🍃 End-to-End Recruitment 

🍃 Recruitment Process Design 

🍃 Candidate Sourcing and Screening 

🍃 Candidate Assessment 

🍃 Candidate Hiring and Onboarding 

🍃 Talent Consulting 


2. Work with a dedicated team. 

Work with an experienced team that will focus on your needs and use industry-leading resources to drive meaningful results.


3. Leverage years of experience. 

Team up with an RPO partner that has been connecting customers with high-quality candidates for more than 50 years.


4. Get proven results. 

Implement best practices, access top talent quickly, and elevate your customers’ employment brands at the same time.


5. Choose the RPO solution that’s best for your situation.

Our flexibility means your customer satisfaction. Which RPO solution is right for you?

SituationChallengeSolutionBroadleaf Results
Change in
Your business requires new and unique skills or specialties.Project-Based
Leverage scalable recruiting and sourcing resources.

Find the employees you need in any category, even for hard-to-fill and niche positions.



SituationChallengeSolutionBroadleaf Results
New Product
You need to hire a high volume of workers to prepare for launch.Project-Based
Customize RPO services to help you break into new markets and hire high volumes of candidates quickly.


SituationChallengeSolutionBroadleaf Results


You need to enhance your
brand to promote the growth of your company.
Build a strong brand while onboarding talent quickly so you don’t miss any deadlines or sacrifice productivity.


SituationChallengeSolutionBroadleaf Results
Hiring Spikes
You need to hire new labor to meet the high demands
of the season.
Partner with a team of expert recruiters and access sources to plan for seasonal spikes.

Efficiently source a talented workforce to achieve organizational goals.


SituationChallengeSolutionBroadleaf Results
Core Alignment  You need your internal recruitment team to focus on core positions vital to your business.Enterprise
Receive end-to-end recruitment solutions for non-core positions.


Situation Challenge Solution Broadleaf Results 
Change in Leadership You need to refocus HR’s recruitment responsibilities,
or prepare for a change in HR leadership.
Receive end-to-end program management.

Source and place talent for all key positions despite shifting strategies or personnel changes.


At Broadleaf, we’re an extension of your HR team.

Wondering how our FlexRPO solutions can help your business? Contact us today at or call us at 1.800.568.8310.


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