BLR Sonoco Award Image

Broadleaf Honored for Sustainable Achievement

Sonoco has presented Broadleaf Results—an Aleron company—with the 2020 “Top Sustainable Suppliers” Award. This distinction was announced this week by Sonoco’s Director of Global Category Management, Richard Wynne. Sonoco’s sustainability awards are given annually to select Sonoco business partners for their achievements in enhancing sustainable business practices.

This marks the third time that Broadleaf has been recognized by Sonoco for its sustainability, quality, and innovation, with prior awards received in 2016 and 2017.

“Our team is thrilled to receive this award as validation of the efficacy of Broadleaf’s sustainability efforts,” said Lynne Marie Finn, President and CEO of Broadleaf. “We have become increasingly conscious of reducing our environmental impact on the planet and continue to improve our business practices that promote greater sustainability within our supply chain.”

In that regard, Broadleaf spearheaded a Supplier Summit this past year for Sonoco’s top staffing suppliers to facilitate collaboration on sustainable practices and emerging industry trends in contingent workforce management.

To learn more about Sonoco’s 2020 sustainability awards and watch the video presentation, visit the Sonoco website here.

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