5 Can’t-Miss Tweets from the WBENC Conference

At the end of June, Broadleaf sponsored the WBENC Conference & Business Fair in Baltimore, Maryland. As sponsors of the event, we were on hand to network with leaders, learn from others, and celebrate some of the nation’s most successful women-owned businesses. On Twitter, we were sharing the experience with other industry pros. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the #WBENCconf.

1. 6 tips for women from CEO Liz Whitehead.
Liz Whitehead is the CEO of 12PointFive, an organization committed to helping businesses leverage diversity and inclusion. In this tweet from Technical.ly DC, a tech-based news company, you can find a link to Ms. Whitehead’s blog, which is chock full of excellent advice—not just for women at WBENC—but for anyone preparing to attend a business conference.


2. 50 revolutionary females in marketing.
Now this is the kind of curated content we can get behind. Shout-out to C.C. Carr for sharing this collection of impressive women in Marketing from DevriX, a high-scale WordPress platform provider. As a woman-owned business, we always appreciate a nod to other savvy female businesspeople.

This is an excellent list because, as the article points out, some of these women “created million-dollar business out of nothing,” “created content masterpieces,” or “introduced new methods and became legends.” We took a few minutes to follow all of these incredible women on Twitter, and we encourage you to do the same.


3. Respect the hustle!
Claire Coder is the Founder & CEO of Aunt Flow, a company committed to making menstrual products as accessible as possible. We like this tweet for a couple reasons:

First, it is the perfect illustration of how arduous the conference grind can be. Look at all those steps!

Second, the tweet is in and of itself an excellent representation of Claire and her company’s mission. From an employer branding perspective—which we know is critical to a company’s talent solutions success—this tweet is an absolute winner. What a smart way to showcase your brand and business development efforts at the same time.


4. Broadleaf Beanbag Toss.
We had such a blast gaming with the good people of the WBENC Conference that we couldn’t ignore our own tweet. The Broadleaf team was all smiles as we took the opportunity to talk business over a friendly game of Broadleaf Beanbag Toss. Check out all of our other tweets here!


5. This epic hotel dance party.
We’re not sure how we missed this next-level dance-off, but we certainly wish we could go back to get down on it. Sure, other tweets on this list have more meaningful takeaways for business professionals, but we couldn’t help but celebrate the good times (and even better dance moves) at WBENC! ???? ????


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