• Infographic The Hospitality Industry in 2023

    The Hospitality Industry in 2023

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a staggering impact on the hospitality industry, as travel, tourism, and dining all ground to a halt in 2020. Almost three years later, the industry has begun to recover, but challenges remain, particularly in regard to staffing. Our team at Broadleaf Results consolidated the latest data around hospitality industry job growth,...
  • Infographic Leveraging the Power of Total Talent Management with Broadleaf

    Leveraging the Power of Total Talent Management with Broadleaf

    As the world of workforce solutions continues to evolve, the prevalence of total talent management will only grow. Is your organization looking to optimize your workforce through an MSP or RPO program? Broadleaf’s integrated team of delivery experts can blend talent from MSP and RPO solutions to help build a more comprehensive labor force. Take...
  • Infographic COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

    COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

    The institution of mandatory vaccination policies to combat the spread of COVID-19 has radicalized the workforce in the United States. Experts claim that more employers will be requiring vaccines for their workers in the weeks—and months—ahead. Need help in formulating your company’s vaccine policy? Interested in discovering how employer vaccine mandates are impacting businesses across...
  • Infographic Women in the Workplace

    Women in the Workplace

    The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled the number of women in the labor force. Although gender equality in the workplace existed long before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the gender gap has been further accentuated since the pandemic’s early surges. With greater workloads—both in their personal and professional lives—many working women had no choice but to...
  • Infographic Employer of Record Workflow

    Employer of Record Workflow

    In today’s labor market, contract work is becoming more popular than ever before. To reap the benefits of greater cost savings and enhanced workforce flexibility, organizations have transitioned away from utilizing large batches of full-time employees and are instead choosing to engage with freelancers, independent contractors, and other contingent resources. But with several different types...
  • Infographic How AI and Automation Are Changing the Workplace

    How AI and Automation Are Changing the Workplace

    For better or worse, AI and automation are disrupting the workplace. We know that new innovations will have a significant impact on businesses, employees, and the global economy—but how? The impact goes both ways. While an estimated 370 million jobs will be lost to AI and automation, the new technologies are also making way for...

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