Employer of Record Workflow

In today’s labor market, contract work is becoming more popular than ever before. To reap the benefits of greater cost savings and enhanced workforce flexibility, organizations have transitioned away from utilizing large batches of full-time employees and are instead choosing to engage with freelancers, independent contractors, and other contingent resources. But with several different types of workers on hand, it can be tedious and time-consuming to keep track of your employee population.

By utilizing employer of record—otherwise known as payrolling—services, your organization will no longer have to worry about tackling these administrative burdens. Our team will take ownership of all logistical and administrative duties while managing employee classification tasks. Not only will EOR services save you time and money, but they will insulate you from sensitive co-employment risks.

Interested in learning more about the employer of record process? Download our latest infographic to discover more about Broadleaf’s payrolling services.

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