Women in the Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled the number of women in the labor force. Although gender equality in the workplace existed long before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the gender gap has been further accentuated since the pandemic’s early surges. With greater workloads—both in their personal and professional lives—many working women had no choice but to step away from their jobs to focus on their families.

Interested in seeing the impact of the coronavirus on women in the workforce? Check out these stats:

  • 1.8M fewer women are in the U.S. labor force now compared to before COVID-19
  • 1 in 4 corporate women said they were considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce altogether
  • Women leaving the workforce is costing the U.S. economy $650B annually

To see more compelling stats about the state of the workforce for women, download Broadleaf’s latest infographic.