Prepping for the Future Workforce, Part 1: Energy and Utilities

In July 2019, Jennifer Runyon of Electric Light & Power published an article called “Educating Today’s Utilities About Tomorrow’s Innovations,” which identifies 10 trends in the utility industry:

  1. Aging infrastructure
  2. Aging people
  3. Extreme weather events
  4. Renewable energy
  5. Decentralized/distributed energy
  6. Customer expectations
  7. Smart homes and buildings
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. Electrification of transportation
  10. Even newer stuff – blockchain, digitization

Why did we highlight “aging people”? Because Ms. Runyon was quick to cite the Department of Energy’s quote on an aging workforce (paraphrased and numericized below):

  1. Our future electricity system will depend on an adaptable and flexible workforce 
  2. The new workforce must have more expertise and better capabilities than the current workforce
  3. Integrating renewable sources, storage systems, smart grid, and demand management systems will require new training and skill sets 
  4. Sector engineers must be experts in more than just traditional topics such as electrical engineering; supplemental IT and communications skills will also be key
  5. The biggest challenge will be to focus on new skill sets within existing training programs

How can you help  people and businesses prepare for an evolving workforce in the energy and utilities sector? Consider exploring DistribuTech International, a conference dedicated solely to the future of energy.

Or take a look at these five technology trends driving the energy sector in 2019. From a talent acquisition perspective, individuals with experience in IoT (Internet of Things), operational excellence, renewable energy, and AI will be major players in the energy and utilities industries moving into the future.

And for a much more in-depth examination of how the American workforce will be affected by emerging innovations, check out this video: “Energy Workforce Opportunities and Challenges,” a formal conversation facilitated by the United States House Committee on Appropriations.

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