MSP & RPO Solutions For Finance & Insurance

MSP & RPO Solutions For Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance Recruitment Made Simple

Finding qualified candidates in any industry is difficult, but hiring in the financial world brings about its own set of challenges. Organizations must ensure that their hiring practices and contingent workforce programs align with regulatory and compliance requirements. Some positions may also require extensive background checks, which adds an extra layer to the recruitment process.

With decades of experience serving the financial services industry, Broadleaf Results can simplify the hiring process and find the right employees you need on a temporary, project, or permanent basis. Our dedicated team of talent experts can recruit, screen, interview, and hire candidates in a variety of roles, including accounting, management, financial sales, quality assurance, claims, controller positions, and financial analysts. Explore Broadleaf’s tailored workforce management solutions that fit your financial institution.

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  • Evaluating and Implementing a Second-Generation MSP

    Evaluating and Implementing a Second-Generation MSP

    To set your organization up for success, you'll want to be sure that your MSP provider is leveraging the latest tools and technology platforms and enhancements and providing you with maximum visibility, control and compliance, business intelligence, and cost savings. This E-Book will help you evaluate your current MSP and implement a second-generation MSP.

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    Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

    New roles in accounting and finance—such as data and operations analysts, tax experts, and big data specialists—aren’t just emerging alongside an evolving workforce… they’re growing in demand. As your partners in workforce management, we’ve put together this 2023 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide just for you.

Finance & Insurance Staffing Solutions

  • MSP Solutions For Financial Institutions, Banks, & Insurance Firms

    Your financial institution is growing—and you need a workforce solution that will grow with it. Finding and hiring high-quality candidates is time consuming, and it’s difficult to scale the hiring process at a pace you need. Not only is the hiring process labor-intensive, but managing a large contingent workforce redirects already limited time and resources from other critical HR functions.

    Broadleaf Results delivers flexible Managed Service Programs that will source and hire temporary employees, consolidate invoices, manage contracts, and more. Our talent experts have access to an expansive talent pool of freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees that can take on challenges on a short-term or long-term basis. With access to a suite of hiring data, trends, and workforce analytics, your financial institution can monitor the success of your workforce and make more informed hiring decisions.

    Ready to simplify contingent workforce management? Get in touch with us to explore scalable MSP programs that work for your organization.

    • Standardized Entry Point
    • Single Source of Management
    • Program Maintenance
    • Implementation and Change Management
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Supplier and Talent Strategy
    • Compliance Management
  • Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

    Whether you’re looking to outsource your entire hiring process or just need a little extra help, our FlexRPO program takes the burden off your HR team. We can perform all candidate sourcing to develop robust talent pools while shepherding your team through the interview, offer extension, and negotiation process. Our team at Broadleaf utilizes a customized approach to ensure that new hires not only possess the necessary skills and qualifications required of the role, but affirm their cultural fit within your organization.

    Our experienced talent advisors will ensure compliance with EEO and FINRA throughout the hiring process. We can perform extensive background checks and candidate vetting for positions where required.

    Broadleaf’s RPO solutions offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to what would otherwise be an expensive administrative burden for your financial institution. Ready to learn more? Contact us to explore our tailor-made RPO solutions that can support your organization.

    • Tenured and Strategically Deployed Recruiting Teams
    • Diversity Expenditure
    • Flexible, Scalable Model
    • Dedicated Sourcing/Data Mining Team
    • Proven Recruiting and Screening Functions
    • Future-Looking Data Analytics

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Why do Fortune 500 financial firms trust Broadleaf?

With decades of recruitment expertise and a track record of successful placements in the finance industry, our experience speaks for itself. Broadleaf’s dedicated team of recruiting experts will source the professionals you need in accounting, finance, quality assurance, and claims. We work hard to find the right fit for your organization and follow a high standard of execution to ensure that every new hire is compliant with state and federal laws. Learn more about our industry certifications and compliance.


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