Evaluating and Implementing a Second-Generation MSP

The MSP of pre-pandemic is not the MSP of the future. If you have had the same MSP for over three years, you now operate in a different talent environment. It’s time to reevaluate your MSP to ensure it has evolved. As your organization changes, so will the goals of your program.

As a diverse MSP, Broadleaf has learned many lessons in helping our clients transition to second-generation MSPs. In this E-Book, learn about:

  • The evolving talent landscape and why flexibility is critical
  • Reevaluating your current MSP
  • Implementation and change management
  • The role of MSP and Direct Sourcing
  • Second-generation MSP deployment
  • Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC) and Management in an MSP
  • Employer of Record (EoR)/Payrolling services in an MSP
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Management in an MSP

To set your organization up for success, you’ll want to be sure that your MSP provider is leveraging the latest tools and technology platforms and enhancements and providing you with maximum visibility, control and compliance, business intelligence, and cost savings. This E-Book will help you evaluate your current MSP and implement a second-generation MSP.

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