Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

Due to the increased emphasis on digitalization and automation in recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for management analysts, financial managers, and financial examiners. Candidates for jobs in accounting and finance who can show proficiency in predictive analytics, accounting automation, data visualization, and accounting software are more likely to catch hiring managers’ attention.

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Is your organization prepared to win the race for top talent?

Looking ahead to the future, is your organization armed with a well-designed talent approach to recruit and retain in-demand candidates? By leveraging our 2023 Accounting and Finance Salary Guide, your organization will be well-positioned to attract these qualified professionals with competitive salary rates at your disposal.

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  • Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

The compensation statistics within the following guide were generated by Lightcast—a leader in labor market data and analytics provider. The tool specializes in delivering detailed industry analysis through precisely summarized labor and compensation market measurements. Additionally, the information provided by Lightcast has been verified by both public and government sources.

Anticipated Industry Trends

Anticipated Industry Trends Our team of workforce experts predicts the following developments in 2023:

Growing demand for contingent workers:

A shift in labor and recruitment environment norms and the Great Resignation have left organizations looking to contingent workers to fill talent gaps. While contact labor was previously used to temporarily fill open positions or assist during an unexpected period of high-volume hiring, in today’s uncertain economic climate, contract labor can help your business weather challenges caused by talent shortages.

The permanent shift towards flexible work:

Gone are the days of commuting to the office five days a week. Accounting and finance workers have experienced the freedom and benefits of remote work, and it is here to stay. For many candidates seeking new employment opportunities, flexibility plays a tremendous role in whether or not they accept a job offer. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations will want to consider the impact of remote work options on attracting and retaining talent.

Budgeting obstacles:

CFOs and controllers have encountered difficulties constructing their future budgets in uncertain and unpredictable times. Senior-level finance executives have developed multiple budgeting strategies to prepare for the wide range of possibilities that their companies will confront in the upcoming year. They believe this will offer crucial flexibility to take into consideration everything that is yet to come.

Recognizing the value of AI and automation:

In 2023, financial institutions will emphasize digital transformation by investing in technology and innovation. Companies that recognize the benefits and importance of this investment will be able to leverage its advantages over their competitors, including cost reductions, empowered staff, engaging customer experiences, and an overall increase in efficiency.

Heightened focus on security:

In 2022 alone, the average data breach cost in the worldwide financial industry was worth nearly six million U.S. dollars. It goes without saying that organizations with large amounts of classified and personally identifiable data are always a target for cyber attacks. Although desirable for employees, the shift towards remote work only increases this risk due to the strong potential for employees to be hacked via non-secure network connections. This reality means the demand for advanced security protection will remain high throughout 2023.

Job Outlook Growth 2021-2031

Average job growth for financial occupations is 7%. The positions with the highest projected growth in accounting and finance:

  • 21%

    Financial Examiners
  • 17%

    Financial Managers
  • 15%

    Personal Financial Advisors
  • 11%

    Management Analysts
  • 6%


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