Healthcare Company Seeks Proven MSP to Improve Staffing Results

Healthcare Company Seeks Proven MSP to Improve Staffing Results

customer satisfaction
improvement in average time-to-fill
cumulative cost savings
A reputable healthcare services organization was looking to alter its longstanding MSP and VMS partnerships. The client called upon Broadleaf to implement our best-in-class total talent management solution, one that improved supplier participation rates, improved time-to-fill metrics, and delivered 10% year-over-year cost savings.
  • The Client

    A $650-million Healthcare Services organization with over 3,000 employees and 30+ offices across the U.S. and India
  • The Situation

    With an abundance of internal processes, procedures, and policies, our client wanted to streamline and consolidate its internal systems
  • The Solution

    The Broadleaf team implemented a new VMS that could be incorporated into the company's existing HRIS and meet all finance and invoice requirements

The Client

A $650-million Healthcare Services organization with over 3,000 employees and 30+ offices across the U.S. and India, the client provides a broad range of services, including analytics, benefit coordination, payment integrity, and population health management solutions.


The Situation

The client’s corporate HR leadership team decided it was necessary to change its current MSP and VMS partnership. They sought a total workforce solutions provider that could deliver a more consistent and solution-based staffing program to meet its dynamic and ever-changing organizational needs.


The Challenge

Ultimately, the company needed an MSP and a VMS that could bring a best-in-class program—something that could scale with the business and expand into other areas of interest, such as SOW, IC management, and RPO—all under one total talent management solution.


The Solution

At the onset of Broadleaf’s partnership, we initially brought the current contract labor workforce under our MSP using the prior VMS technology. This allowed us to better comprehend the organization’s intricate business needs with little to no impact to company stakeholders.

Within three months, Broadleaf began implementing a new VMS within the project. In transitioning systems to a technology that could be fully customized to align with the client’s organizational needs and demands, our team seamlessly fused this platform within the MSP. This integration process included incorporating the VMS to fit the company’s existing HRIS, as well as the inclusion of all finance and invoice requirements. With this added functionality, the organization was able to develop a consistent avenue to manage and provide visibility to their SOW and IC business, opportunities that have since been added to the overall MSP over the past few years.


Broadleaf also committed a team of knowledgeable and dedicated resources to be
stationed onsite with the company. These employees are tasked with supporting
the company’s MSP needs and ensuring overall program success.


The Conclusion

From the program’s inception, Broadleaf helped the client in delivering on its workplace management objectives. Our customized solutions have dramatically improved compliance, visibility, cost savings, recruitment, retention, and the overall ability for the organization to not only better manage its business, but make more informed and strategic decisions. As a performance-driven MSP provider, we have achieved the following results:

  • Generated $1.7M cumulative cost savings
  • Ensured 100% month-to-month supplier participation
  • Garnered 98% customer satisfaction
  • Filled 91% of positions
  • Improved average time-to-fill by 31%
  • Delivered 10% year-over-year savings to the client
  • 400 contractor hires in a three-month window for a recent large-scale hiring initiative

As the Broadleaf suite of services has expanded in recent years, so too has our partnership with the company. In just the past 24 months, the MSP program’s overall revenue has increased by more than 60% and has shown no signs of slowing down. The organization has taken advantage of our additional services that include on- and off-shore SOW management, IC compliance and risk management, and RPO.

At the conclusion of our initial five-year agreement, the client gladly awarded Broadleaf with a multi-year contract extension. Currently, our team is partnering on a potential off-shore expansion opportunity to further bolster the size of the MSP.

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