Customer Care & Administrative Support Salary Guide

Customer Care & Administrative Support Salary Guide

Your administrative and customer service teams are a fantastic place to start if you’re looking for ways to boost your company’s profitability. Well-trained service personnel promotes a positive business image and aid in acquiring and keeping customers through brand loyalty. Ninety-six percent of customers will switch to a competitor because of poor customer service. Candidates are likelier to catch hiring managers’ attention if they display clear communication skills, patience, and empathy.

With over 50 years of workforce management experience, Broadleaf is well-equipped to source and recruit administrative and customer support candidates across an array of job disciplines. As your partners in total talent management, our team of talent acquisition experts consult with our clients and customize solutions to meet their specific needs. At Broadleaf, we help propel your workforce into the future.

Is your organization prepared to win the race for top talent?

Looking ahead to the future, is your organization armed with a well-designed talent approach to recruit and retain in-demand candidates? By leveraging our 2023 Administrative and Customer Support Salary Guide, your organization will be well-positioned to attract these qualified professionals with competitive salary rates at your disposal.


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The compensation statistics within the following guide were generated by Lightcast—a leader in labor market data and analytics provider. The tool specializes in delivering detailed industry analysis through precisely summarized labor and compensation market measurements. Additionally, the information provided by Lightcast has been verified by both public and government sources.

Anticipated Industry Trends

Our team of workforce experts predicts the following developments in 2023:

Increased use of contract labor:

The pandemic made companies recognize the need for flexibility and business continuity planning. Contract workers provide an ideal solution for organizations struggling with talent shortages and unable to predict long-term labor needs due to economic uncertainty. On a temporary assignment, contingent workers can assist with urgent projects or seasonal demand spikes.

Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay:

The advantages of remote work are now widely recognized throughout our country and have been embraced by call center and customer service workers. Flexible work arrangements are a significant differentiator among employers in the eyes of candidates, and companies that provide them will outperform their competitors in attracting and retaining workers.

Technology adoption:

Chatbots, which mimic human speech using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language understanding (NLU), provide three essential elements of consumer value: 24/7 access, information, and effectiveness. Chatbot adoption is anticipated to save consumers and organizations 2.5+ billion customer service hours by 2023 in the retail, banking, and healthcare sectors. Chatbots are not intended to displace or undermine customer service agents. Instead, by integrating the two, customer service professionals will benefit from time to concentrate on complicated issues that call for a human touch.

Focus on sustainability:

Sixty-one percent of consumers in the United States consider sustainability an essential purchasing factor. Organizations should prepare for sustainability to become the norm rather than the exception since 34 percent of people are willing to pay more for sustainable products. On the front lines, administrative and customer service staff will become increasingly responsible for informing customers of the business’s sustainability practices and beliefs.

Supply chain issues:

Shortages, higher product costs, and delivery delays impact the administrative and customer service sector. Customer inquiries and call volume spikes will continue to be caused by issues with product and part availability.

Job Outlook Growth 2021-2031

Average job growth for customer service occupations is -4% and -8% for administrative assistants. The positions with the highest projected growth in administrative and customer support:

  • 8%

    Medical secretaries and administrative assistants
  • 7%

    Administrative services managers
  • 7%

    Facilities managers

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